How KMON Thrives in a Development-Strapped Web3 Gaming Industry

KMON shared insights on standing out from competitors despite similarities to other games in the industry. 

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  • Web3 gaming has been struggling, with many projects pulling back. 
  • KMON, a Web3 monster taming game, provides insights into how it navigates the slow market and remains sustainable. 
  • KMON shared insights on standing out from competitors despite similarities to other games in the industry. 

Activity in the Web3 gaming industry has stagnated lately. Despite the sector’s dominance in the DeFi space with a 37% market share, active users playing blockchain games have decreased by over 10% in Q2 2023, leading to a staggering 81% decline in trading volumes, as reported by DappRadar

Facing this challenging market, many gaming projects are now scaling back, halting development, and reducing their workforce. However, KMON, an upcoming monster taming game, stands out as a solid project, moving full steam ahead despite the slow market. 


DailyCoin spoke to Pink Moon Studios’ founder and CEO, Umberto Canessa Cerchi, about crypto winters and how Pink Moon Studios navigates the current market and lead the Web3 gaming space.

Pink Moon Studios’ founder and CEO, Umberto Canessa Cerchi.
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Navigating a Slow Market

According to DappRadar, investors have poured nearly $1 billion into the Web3 gaming industry; however, we’ve yet to see a game break into the mainstream. Instead, we’re seeing many gaming projects restructure, pull back on their projects, and more. The buzz around Web3 gaming has also decreased, with active wallets dropping by almost 10% from the last quarter. How does KMON navigate such a market? 

Navigating a market as dynamic and volatile as the Web3 gaming industry requires a combination of strategic foresight, adaptability, and a clear, unwavering focus on our mission. KMON’s strategy has always centered on long-term sustainability and growth rather than short-term hype or trends. While it’s true that the industry has seen a decrease in active wallets, we view this as a temporary dip in an otherwise upward trajectory.

As for the investment poured into the industry, it’s essential to remember that true success in the gaming industry, Web3 or otherwise, isn’t merely about securing funding. It’s about creating an engaging, enjoyable experience that resonates with players. Therefore, our focus remains on continually improving our games and introducing innovative features that enhance player engagement and enjoyment.


Moreover, we believe in the enduring potential of Web3. Web3 gaming’s promise lies in its potential to empower players, offering them true ownership of in-game assets and the possibility of earning real-world value from their achievements. These are transformative benefits that can’t be provided by traditional gaming. The current market conditions do not change this reality; they merely underscore the need for sustainable, player-centric development strategies – which is precisely what we’re committed to at KMON.

We also acknowledge the importance of fostering trust and building a robust community. We continually engage with our community, inviting them to become co-creators in the KMON universe, and their input has been invaluable in guiding our development process.

In essence, our approach to navigating this market involves staying true to our mission, focusing on our players, and continuing to innovate, regardless of short-term market trends. We firmly believe that Web3 gaming is the future, and we’re here to build that future step by step.

Several gaming projects were forced to halt development last year. We’re not seeing the same hype in the metaverse and AAA gaming projects as in 2021. This could be because many projects weren’t prepared for such a scenario. What measures has KMON applied to both survive and thrive in a bear market

At Pink Moon Studios, we approached the development of the KMON games with a long-term vision and pragmatic planning. Our focus has always been on creating a sustainable and engaging gaming ecosystem rather than riding short-term market trends.

Firstly, our team meticulously manages our financial resources. We have consistently sustained our target burn rate and adhered to prudent financial management. This approach ensures we are well-positioned to continue our operations and development plans, even during market downturns.

Secondly, our development strategy is flexible and adaptable. We regularly review and adjust our game design and development plans based on market feedback, technological advancements, and changing player demands. This adaptability allows us to continually improve our games.

Lastly, we focus on continuous growth and improvement. Despite the market conditions, we persist in enhancing our games, optimizing our Web3 solutions, and refining our player experiences. Rather than seeing a bear market as a hindrance, we see it as an opportunity to refine and strengthen our offerings.

We’re well aware that user adoption in the Web3 gaming space will not be driven by market cycles but by providing real value to players. This includes offering engaging gameplay, ensuring players’ ownership rights over their in-game assets, and providing seamless Web3 interactions. This is why we’re focused on making our KMON games accessible to anyone, whether they’re seasoned crypto enthusiasts or just stepping into the world of Web3 gaming.

By adhering to these measures, we not only survive in a bear market but also thrive.

Standing Out from Competitors

The Web3 gaming industry is abundant with monster-taming RPGs, posing a major challenge for new entrants to stand out. While some games target their audience through similarities with existing titles, they often struggle to sustain their growth and longevity in their later development stages. 

KMON is one such example, sharing a lot of traits with existing monster-taming RPGs in the industry, such as Pokemon. We delved into KMON’s unique strategies on how it looks to gain a competitive edge over its competitors and ensure longevity and sustainability. 

As a game in the monster-taming RPG genre, KMON naturally draws similarities to Pokemon; what makes KMON unique or even better than its traditional counterparts? 

While it’s undeniable that KMON shares certain parallels with Pokemon and other monster-taming RPGs, the true differentiator comes with the integration of Web3 technology, thus elevating the gaming experience. It’s not about outperforming traditional counterparts such as Pokémon; it’s about innovatively carving our own path in the industry.

Web3 is a revolutionizing technology, a future direction for the internet. Its integration into KMON opens up a whole new dimension of gaming where players don’t just play; they participate in a real economy within the game. The rewards and achievements players acquire in KMON hold real-world value, creating a layer of investment and ownership that traditional games can’t offer.

Pink Moon Studios has developed a unique set of Web3 gaming solutions that blend the inherent complexity of integrating blockchain technologies and features into games. This makes KMON an easily accessible game for all players, regardless of their prior experience with crypto or blockchain, thereby making Web3 gaming as simple and enjoyable as possible.

So, KMON isn’t just a game; it’s a breakthrough in combining traditional gaming paradigms with the remarkable potential of Web3, shaping a new way for gamers to interact with games. With KMON, we’re not just playing; we’re building a revolution in gaming.

The Web3 gaming industry is saturated with Pokemon-esque games, such as Chainmonsters, Aurory, and Illuvium; how does Kryptomon stand out? And how do you plan to encourage the longevity and sustainability of KMON? 

Indeed, the Web3 gaming industry has seen a proliferation of monster-taming games in recent years. However, at Pink Moon Studios, we believe that it’s not just about creating a game with similar aesthetics or mechanics but about crafting a unique gaming experience that brings real value to our players.

The KMON Games Saga differentiates itself in various ways. Firstly, integrating Web3 technology into our games goes beyond simple token transactions or NFT ownership. By harnessing the power of blockchain and NFTs, we’ve created a genuine in-game economy where players can truly own, trade, and even monetize their in-game assets. This adds a whole new level of depth and interactivity to the gaming experience that traditional games simply cannot offer.

Furthermore, our games are designed with the principles of a balanced and rewarding gameplay experience. This means we focus on delivering exciting game mechanics, engaging narratives, and diverse gameplay options that appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. And while some games might prioritize either the DeFi/Web3 components or the gameplay, we strike a careful balance to ensure that both aspects complement each other to enhance the overall player experience.

Additionally, KMON is not merely a game but a living, evolving universe. Our team constantly works on updates, new features, and expansions based on community feedback and market trends. This ensures that KMON remains fresh, engaging, and relevant in the ever-changing gaming landscape.

As for the longevity and sustainability of KMON, we believe that it hinges on three main pillars. First, continuous innovation: we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Web3 gaming and consistently delivering new features and improvements. Second, community engagement: we actively engage with our player base, incorporating their feedback into our development process and fostering a strong and inclusive community. Lastly, sustainable economics: we’ve designed our in-game economy to be balanced and sustainable over the long term, supporting both player enjoyment and the game’s ongoing development.

In essence, KMON stands out in our commitment to delivering a player-centric, engaging, and unique Web3 gaming experience, coupled with a clear and sustainable plan for long-term growth and evolution.

What were the key challenges for KMON? 

The journey of KMON has been full of exciting challenges, each contributing to our evolution and growth. One key challenge has been developing a game that seamlessly integrates complex blockchain technology to create a smooth, user-friendly experience. It was imperative to us that our game would be accessible to anyone, regardless of their familiarity with blockchain or crypto. Thankfully, with our unique Web3 gaming solutions, we have created an engaging Web3 game that requires no prior blockchain knowledge from the player.

Another challenge has been adapting to the ever-evolving market dynamics. As you know, the gaming and crypto markets are incredibly dynamic, with rapid changes in trends and player expectations. Navigating this environment requires agility, resilience, and a deep understanding of our players’ needs.

A significant challenge is, of course, the game itself. Designing an engaging, rewarding, and fun game to play is no small feat, especially in a market populated with numerous offerings. The balance between being a DeFi/Web3-focused platform while ensuring a rewarding gameplay experience has been a thrilling tightrope to walk. But we believe that by focusing on the core principles of good gameplay design and enriching that with the opportunities provided by Web3, we’ve struck that balance.

However, these challenges have been instrumental in shaping us and driving us forward. They have forced us to innovate, push boundaries, and continually strive to deliver the best for our players. In the face of these challenges, KMON has remained resilient, evolving, and growing in tandem with them.

Balancing DeFi and Compelling Gaming

Web3 games risk blurring the line between being a DeFi project and a satisfying gaming experience. Some games are very DeFi-focused and struggle to offer players the kind of enjoyment conventional titles provide. 

So we asked KMON how it balances DeFi and an engaging gaming experience, especially with a crowd as tough as gamers. 

How do you balance being DeFi/Web3-focused while maintaining an engaging and rewarding gameplay experience? 

At Pink Moon Studios, our approach to balancing a DeFi/Web3 focus while maintaining an engaging and rewarding gameplay experience centers on harmoniously merging these worlds rather than compartmentalizing them. We firmly believe that Web3 technologies and the fun, immersive nature of gaming should not be seen as separate entities but rather as elements that, when expertly woven together, can create a uniquely enriching and appealing player experience.

In our KMON games, we’ve designed game mechanics and narratives that are inherently enjoyable and captivating. However, what sets us apart is the way we’ve seamlessly integrated DeFi and Web3 elements into these gaming experiences. For instance, our games reward players with blockchain-based assets, and these rewards are not just superficial add-ons but are carefully embedded into the game’s narrative and player progression systems. This way, the financial incentives provided by DeFi and the interactive, engaging nature of the gaming experience enhance each other, thereby providing players with a gaming experience that is not only fun but also rewarding in a real-world sense.

Furthermore, we understand that for many of our players, the world of Web3 may be unfamiliar territory. That’s why we’ve placed significant emphasis on user education and experience, providing resources and a user-friendly interface to help players navigate and fully enjoy the Web3 aspects of our games. By doing so, we ensure that even those who are new to blockchain technology can participate and thrive in our games.

In essence, our approach is about integration and synergy. We aim to show that the worlds of gaming and DeFi/Web3 can coexist and complement each other, providing an experience that is both technologically innovative and deeply engaging.

Gamers are a tough crowd to please; they require excellent graphics, smooth UI, and a super responsive game, among other things. How does KMON approach promoting both scalability and consistent high performance? 

Absolutely, gamers have high standards, and rightly so. They dedicate their time and often their resources to engage with the gaming experiences we create. Therefore, it’s crucial that we deliver on those expectations. At Pink Moon Studios, we approach scalability and consistent high performance in a couple of ways.

Firstly, we ensure that our games are built on robust, scalable technology from the outset. This involves rigorous testing and continuous optimization to ensure that the game’s performance remains smooth even as our player base expands. Our experienced team of developers meticulously works on optimizing the game engine, the network architecture, and various other technical components to ensure that the performance never falters, even during peak times.

Secondly, we utilize scalable cloud-based infrastructure. This enables us to adjust our server capacities in real-time to accommodate increasing player loads, thus ensuring a smooth, lag-free gaming experience for all our players, regardless of how many are playing at any given time.

As for the user interface, we believe that it should be intuitive and seamless. We invest a lot of time designing and testing our UI to ensure that it is easy to understand and navigate yet sophisticated enough to allow for deep, engaging gameplay. We take player feedback seriously. We maintain a strong line of communication with our players and use their feedback to continuously improve the game, the UI, and overall performance.

When it comes to graphics, our artists and designers are committed to delivering high-quality, visually appealing environments, characters, and items without compromising game performance. We understand that part of the allure of gaming is getting lost in a different world, and that’s why we work tirelessly to ensure our visuals are both stunning and immersive.

At Pink Moon Studios, we believe that maintaining scalability and consistent high performance is not just about having the right technologies and systems in place but also about maintaining a relentless focus on player satisfaction and experience. We continually strive to enhance every aspect of our games so that every player interaction is a positive one

KMON and Its Future

Lastly, we asked KMON about future prospects and its role in an interconnected Web3 gaming universe. 

Can you discuss the potential for cross-game interaction and interoperability in the Web3 gaming space and KMON’s role?  

Interoperability and cross-game interaction represent some of the most exciting opportunities in the Web3 gaming space. The ability for in-game assets to have a life and utility beyond the confines of a single game opens up a new world of possibilities for both game developers and players.

At Pink Moon Studios, we fully embrace this transformative potential. Our games, such as the KMON Saga, are built on the Ethereum blockchain, which provides an open and transparent platform for creating and managing in-game assets. These assets, represented as NFTs, are not limited to use within a single game but can be traded, sold, or used across different games and platforms. This adds a whole new layer of depth and strategy to the gaming experience, as players can utilize their unique assets in a multitude of ways. The smart contracts underlying these NFTs are publicly accessible, meaning that other game developers can create new experiences and uses for these assets within their own games. This is a powerful feature that enhances the value and utility of these assets and promotes a more collaborative and interconnected gaming ecosystem.

In terms of KMON’s role, we are committed to leading the way in demonstrating the value of interoperability and cross-game interaction. Through our games, we are showing how Web3 technologies can enrich the gaming experience and create new opportunities for players and developers alike. At the same time, we are actively exploring partnerships with other gaming projects to further expand the utility and reach of our in-game assets.

In essence, we see interoperability and cross-game interaction as the future of Web3 gaming, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this movement, shaping the future landscape of gaming.

Can you share any future plans or upcoming features? 

Absolutely. Pink Moon Studios has a future-focused mindset, and we are committed to continuously innovating and improving the gaming experience for our players. Here’s a little glimpse into our future plans and upcoming features.

For our game KMON: Genesis, we are excited to announce the upcoming release of our Player versus Player (PvP) Battle League and eSports Tournaments. These features are designed to foster a competitive environment and enhance player engagement by providing new challenges and opportunities for players to test their skills against each other. For KMON: World of Kogaea, our immersive 3D MMO RPG, we are in the process of conducting a series of community previews. These events will give players a sneak peek into the world of Kogaea and allow them to interact with the game, test specific mechanics, and share their feedback with us. These community insights are invaluable in helping us fine-tune the game and ensure we deliver a gaming experience that meets the expectations of our players.

We also have plans to further enhance our Web3 solutions to make the gaming experience even more seamless and accessible for our players. This includes improvements to our blockchain integration and NFT functionalities, as well as exploring innovative ways to further integrate our games into the wider Web3 ecosystem. Beyond these specific game updates, Pink Moon Studios is always exploring new technologies and trends to see how they can be leveraged to enhance our games. This includes everything from AI and machine learning to virtual and augmented reality.

In conclusion, the future is bright for Pink Moon Studios and the KMON games saga. We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to sharing more updates with our community in the coming months.

On the Flipside

  • While development in Web3 gaming has been slow, investment in the sector remains robust. According to Dappradar, investments in Web3 gaming projects in Q2 2023 totaled $973 million, representing a 31% increase from Q1 2023. 

Why This Matters

Web3 Gaming can potentially welcome over a billion new users to the crypto and DeFi industries. However, it needs sustainable projects that promote longevity instead of short-lived gains. KMON’s strategy provides valuable insight into how games can adopt a more sustainable model that rewards players and allows the project to run. 

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