How Crypto Payment Processors Remuno, BitPay and Coinbase Could Contribute To The Progression of Web 3

Since the beginning of the new decade, internet enthusiasts have been awaiting the next generation of the internet. This new regime has been referred to as ‘web 3’ to internet enthusiasts. Web 3 is an iteration of the internet that incorporates decentralised elements such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and token-based economics at the forefront of society.

The advancement of blockchain technology has allowed for the emergence of crypto payment processors – platforms that enable financial transactions to occur online. Having this would not only aid small businesses by providing customers with more options when making payments.

Three crypto payment processors that have the potential to contribute to the progression of the web 3 iteration are Remuno, BitPay and Coinbase – providing e-commerces with new opportunities.

Payments Have Never Been Easier With Remuno

A new cryptocurrency payment processor that has the potential to revolutionise the way we purchase products online is Remuno. It is a platform constructed to eradicate the complexity of accepting cryptocurrency payments – intending to increase retailer revenue.

Its simplicity allows users to quickly create an account by getting in contact with Remuno directly. This direct line of communication to the institution will provide people with the opportunity to make inquiries and ask questions about how Remuno works.

Once an account has been set up, an API integration tool can be installed, along with a PlugIn function that plans to be incorporated into Remuno soon. The final step is the easiest, where business owners can place the ‘checkout button’ on their website, giving users the ability to use crypto as a form of payment for their purchases.

These three simple steps allow business e-commerces to accept the use of crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy goods. Remuno will be a huge contributor to evolving customers’ online shopping, providing a diverse and unique experience.

Want to find out more about Remuno? Check out their website.

The Crypto Payment Processor Pioneer – BitPay

BitPay is a bitcoin payment service provider that allows its users to purchase crypto instantly in a fast, secure and easy way. This crypto payment processor builds powerful enterprise-grade tools for crypto spending and acceptance. It arrived in the metaverse in 2011, when Bitcoin was in its infancy stage.

Recently, the crypto payment processor made headlines through its integration into the food delivery service Uber Eats. This allowed customers to purchase food via crypto, a new method of payment that has provided another source of income for both small and big e-commerces.

BitPay was able to see the potential that crypto had at this time, expecting it to revolutionise the financial industry. The purpose of the platform is to allow customers to pay for goods and services in a fast, secure and inexpensive manner on an international scale.

The Base for Crypto Payments – Coinbase

Coinbase is best described as an American-traded company that operates as a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is one of the best crypto payment processors for first-time, experienced investors and everyone in between.

They state that their platform is the easiest place to purchase and distribute cryptocurrency, where people can earn $7 worth of crypto. Customers can manage their portfolios, having the ability to keep track of their earnings in one place.

Furthermore, Coinbase is reputable for its insurance protection, which maintains all USD cash balances that are covered by FDIC insurance up to $250,000. Additionally, the payment processor stores the vast majority of digital assets in secure offline storage.

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