Here’s How Bitcoin ETFs are Faring After One Week of Trading

Spot Bitcoin ETFs roar to life, sending shockwaves as Bitcoin slumps but funds see record trading volumes.

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  • The introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US has triggered a seismic shift in the crypto space.
  • Despite Bitcoin’s dip, the ETFs’ debut has hinted at a profound appetite for regulated Bitcoin exposure.
  • The leader of the ETF pack has stolen the show with half of the massive $10 billion volume.

The long-awaited arrival of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US sent shockwaves through the crypto sphere, with Bitcoin tumbling but the funds themselves enjoying a roaring debut. While the digital currency’s price sank 6.6% in the first week, the ETFs racked up unprecedented trading volumes, leaving analysts and investors grappling with unexpected events.

Bitcoin Slumps as ETF Volumes Explode

Bitcoin’s fall from nearly $49,000 to $42,876 surprised the market. Some prominent figures had predicted a surge in the wake of the ETF launch, but instead, the first two days saw sharp declines, with the price bottoming out at $41,753. Seven days later, Bitcoin is down 12% from the first day of the ETF launch, at a price of $41,460.


However, while Bitcoin stumbled, the ETFs themselves shined. Their combined volume reached a staggering $10 billion in the first three days, dwarfing the entire ETF industry launch of 2023. This explosive activity suggests a strong appetite for regulated Bitcoin exposure among investors, even amidst the price dip.

Eric Balchunas, an ETF analyst at Bloomberg, called the launch “unprecedented” and “game-changing,” highlighting the volume figures as a crucial indicator of the funds’ long-term viability. “It’s harder to get volume than even flows,” he wrote, “and it gives an ETF staying power.”

The pack’s leader was the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF (GBTC), accounting for half the initial $10 billion volume. However, this dominance came at a cost. GBTC saw a massive sell-off, shedding 27,000 BTC in four days, representing 4.4% of its holdings.

3% of All Bitcoin Held by ETFs

Interestingly, while GBTC was offloaded, other ETFs were actively buying. Among others, BlackRock, Fidelity, and ARK Invest reportedly accumulated at least 40,000 BTC combined. This suggests that investors are diversifying their exposure within the ETF landscape.


Bitcoin’s price may have taken a hit, but the funds’ success themselves signals a potential paradigm shift in how mainstream investors access the digital asset. With 650,207 BTC worth an estimated $26.7 Billion now held by these ETFs, representing 3.32% of all Bitcoin ever mined, the future of crypto exposure seems intertwined with the fate of these innovative financial instruments.

On the Flipside

  • While the Bitcoin ETFs made a roaring debut, the initial sharp decline in Bitcoin’s price contradicted market expectations.
  • Diversification doesn’t eliminate the inherent risks associated with the crypto market, and scrutiny is necessary amid the evolving landscape of ETFs.

Why This Matters

The long-term impact of the spot ETFs on Bitcoin’s price and the broader crypto market remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: the game has changed. The arrival of these regulated investment vehicles has opened up a new avenue for institutional and retail investors alike to gain exposure to the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

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