Retro Game Habbo Expands Iconic Hotel Chain to The Sandbox Metaverse

The new partnership with The Sandbox expects to mark the entry of its quintessential Habbo Hotel.

Hobbo hotel game characters
  • Retro social world-building game Habbo has partnered with The Sandbox to host a new experience in the metaverse. 
  • Habbo will host its iconic Habbo Hotel and receptionist, Frank, one of Habbo’s most famous characters, in its The Sandbox experience. 

The retro icon has established its presence in the traditional gaming sphere by building online communities since 2000. Considering The Sandbox today is at the forefront of building Web3 communities, this partnership will allow communities from both platforms to co-create and co-exist with new experiences and things to explore.

Enjoy Your Stay at the Habbo Hotel

Habbo has been one of the most highly celebrated games for many years. Developed by Sulake, a Finnish game studio, the online community-building game has catered to teens and young adults for over two decades. 


Since its inception, Habbo has reportedly accumulated 316 million avatars in its game and boasts a whopping 800,000 monthly active users. It certainly has more traffic than most blockchain games. 

One of its iconic features is the ‘Hotel.’ Users can login into the Habbo homepage, access the hotel, and navigate through Habbo’s offerings. Users can buy items, privately message their friends, and decorate their ‘Home’ room. 

The game was around before social media or the metaverse arrived.

The new partnership with The Sandbox expects to mark the entry of its quintessential Habbo Hotel, where players can help Frank, the receptionist, to complete engaging tasks and challenges. 


The Habbo experience in The Sandbox will enable players to learn more about Habbo’s universe and journey. Players can participate in quests that expand on Habbo’s narrative with new events and plot points for players to discover. 

Habbo’s The Sandbox experience will be the first time Habbo expands on its Web3 presence besides its native Web3 socializing platform, Habbo X

Sebastian Borged, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, shared in a press release,

“In many ways, Habbo has laid the foundation of a social virtual world where over 300 million avatars connect around social experiences over two decades. We’re thrilled to partner with them and build experiences in The Sandbox to empower their community with our #nocode Game Maker. This will enable the creation of more User-Generated Content and foster interoperability, showcasing the true potential of the open metaverse and Web3.”

Jurriaan van Teunenbroek, Vice President of Games and Content at Azerion, said,

“The Sandbox has done a phenomenal job of pushing the envelope in Web3, building a strong community and a star-studded list of partners. We are very excited to work with The Sandbox in our own Web3 journey to expand the metaverse through interoperability and collaboration.”

On the Flipside

  • Habbo has utilized Web3 technology to its advantage before. Previously, Habbo released Habbo X, the Web3 version of its Habbo Hotel

Why You Should Care

Habbo has stood the test of time by staying relevant and accumulating millions of users for over two decades. Only a few games can achieve such an accolade, considering modern games are hyperfocused on appearing more realistic than ever. Many players continue hanging out with their friends in this pixelated yet engaging online community. The Sandbox is leading the same path as Habbo, and the partnership could bear much fruit once its titanic community crosses over to Web3. 


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