Gaming Blockchain Oasys Helps SoftBank Explore Web3 as Network’s Official Validator

SoftBank is the latest partner in helping Oasys drive the mass adoption of Web3 technology and gaming.

CEO of Softbank Masayoshi San giving thumbs up to Gaming Blockchain Oasys
  • Japanese Mobile Operator SoftBank has announced it is partnering with gaming blockchain Oasys to explore Web3 technologies. 
  • The Japanese conglomerate company will act as an official validator on Oasys.

Gaming ecosystem Oasys has announced that Japan-based firm SoftBank has joined as an official validator for the gaming-optimized blockchain. SoftBank will be one of the four companies to join the network, increasing the number of validators to 25. 

Oasys will overlook SoftBank’s exploration of Web3 technologies and their integration into society via use cases like Web3 gaming.

Joining a Gaming Oasys

Oasys has been consistently driving the mass adoption of blockchain gaming with ecosystem funds, major collaborations, and valuable contributions. Recently, the gaming blockchain announced the Oasys Ecosystem Fund to focus on early-stage Web3 projects


The gaming blockchain was keen on investing in decentralized apps, games, infrastructure protocols, and more. Oasys has also recently launched a grant program that will provide OAS, its native token, to deserving projects. 

In light of Oasys’ recent developments, SoftBank recognized the platform’s mechanism and technological capabilities, leading to a partnership with them. 

Keiichi Makizono, Senior Vice President and CIO of SoftBank, said,


 “We are very excited about the Oasys blockchain's flexible, user-centric architecture, which meets the needs of both users and IP content owners, and look forward to working with Oasys to promote Web3's social implementation and resolve social issues.”

The partnership between Oasys and SoftBank will extend beyond the Japanese company’s role as a validator into the development of joint collaborative blockchain-based projects in the future. 

Oasys has shared that it will introduce three more companies alongside SoftBank in the next batch of validators. However, the gaming blockchain clarified the platform is looking to further “decentralize” the network by enabling public participation in the future. 

Oasys proposes to launch a council and remove the limit on validators. 

Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys, added,

 “We are honoured that SoftBank shares our vision for Oasys and has chosen us as a business partner for Web3. With SoftBank coming onboard as a validator, Oasys will not only expand the stability and ecosystem of the Oasys chain, but also aim to strengthen business collaboration with Oasys. We look forward to working with SoftBank to develop the blockchain gaming industry by fostering relationships and synergies with its group companies and partners.”

On the Flipside

  • The price of OAS, Oasys’ native token, surged 16%, increasing from $0.09 to $0.1073 at press time. It has yet to be determined if the SoftBank partnership announcement caused the increase or the market. 
  • OAS trading volume soared by an impressive $92.76% to $4.9 million.

Why You Should Care

Softbank is one of the largest conglomerates based in Japan. The company has about $419 billion in assets under management and is quickly becoming a noted investor in crypto companies. The firm’s interest in Oasys could help the gaming blockchain in its mission to lay the foundation for its ecosystem and fund its efforts. 


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