Forbes Returns to The Sandbox with New Web3 Experience

Leading business magazine Forbes has partnered with The Sandbox metaverse to host a new web3 experience in the metaverse.

forbes representative on a motorbike in the sandbox metaverse
  • Leading business magazine and entertainment company Forbes has partnered with The Sandbox to provide a new interactive multiplayer experience in the metaverse. 
  • The publication hosted a similar member-exclusive event in The Sandbox last month. This time players can enjoy Forbes’ party atmosphere in the metaverse, learn about the magazine’s journey, and indulge in other educational experiences. 

The influential magazine company was one of the first mainstream companies to embrace the Web3 space. Forbes has stayed committed to introducing the metaverse and Web3 to its members in engaging activities. The new partnership will showcase the publication’s successes, and the history of the people behind it, in an interesting Web3 experience. 

Returning to The Sandbox with Gifts

Starting 14th December, Forbes will host multiple educational events, showcasing the history of the magazine, Malcolm Forbes’ passions, and more. Players can rediscover the new Forbes and its culture in the Sandbox metaverse until December 28th. 


The Forbes metaverse will host mementos true to Forbes, including an NFT gallery showcasing the magazine’s successes, which will also host the publication’s Forbes 30 under 30 NFT collection. The metaverse experience previously showcased the Virtual Billionaires NFT collection alongside their virtual net worths. 

Besides the metaverse experience, players can buy exclusive Forbes wearables they can equip in The Sandbox. In addition, the publisher of The World’s Richest has also hinted at Christmas gifts and special surprises in The Sandbox. 

Here are some important details about the event:

  • Unlike the previous member-exclusive metaverse experience, this event is open to all players. 
  • Players who complete every quest in the Forbes experience will enter a 50,000 SAND prize pool, from which The Sandbox will distribute rewards to players at a later date. 
  • The total SAND a player can earn will depend on how many quests other players have completed. 
  • The Sandbox is also giving away a Forbes VIP Balloon NFT to 400 select winners in celebration of the Forbes experience.
  • Players can get a chance to win the NFT by taking a picture of their avatar at their favorite place in the Forbes Hub and posting it on social media with a season’s greeting message. 
  • Players can reportedly get an excellent subscription deal by interacting with particular NPCs in the metaverse experience. In addition, the subscription will allow players to gain early access to Forbes’ future events. 

On the Flipside

  • The event was previously open to members only. Attendees were required to subscribe to Forbes to gain access. 
  • Forbes’ social media and website have not yet shared anything about the metaverse experience. 
  • There’s little to no difference between the members-only and free-to-all experiences. Players can wait instead of paying between $7 and $80 for a Forbes subscription. 

Why You Should Care

Forbes is expanding its reach to every medium and engaging with users wherever they are. The Chief Technology Officer shared that the company constantly seeks to provide unique, engaging experiences in both Web2 and Web3. The metaverse experience is a big step for the publisher. The company envisions that players will learn and engage with the magazine’s history and develop new bonds in the metaverse.



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