Ethernal Gladiators Switch from 2D to 3D Graphics

In crypto gaming, everything is possible – even switching the visuals from 2D to 3D right in the middle of the development process

Crypto gaming is interesting not only to play, but also to watch. As traditional gaming grew in size, becoming gargantuan, room for creativity can be quite limited. Executive officers of big studios and corporations tend to stay in comfort zone, risking as little as possible, which means adding to the list of generic products (we’re looking at you open-worlds with fishing mini games).  

On the other hand, indie developers often create true works of art from code and pixels in terms of storytelling, visuals, and gameplay mechanics. However, this side of gaming has its own limits.  


For its part, crypto gaming is a quirkier world, where a lot can happen. For example, the developers could decide to switch the graphic style of the game from 2D to 3D right in the middle of the development process.  

This is what happened to Ethernal Gladiators: 

The game was initially announced as a “fight-to-earn” turn-based RPG with a decentralized economy and NFT items. The latter could be anything from characters, weapons (swords, axes, and maces), magic stones, or armor. The developers also promised to implement an upgrade system similar to those found in big name RPGs. Ethernal Gladiators is built on Unity. The game is also a part of the Binance and Enjin ecosystems.  


Unfortunately, the developers haven’t shown any gameplay yet, so it’s a little too early to draw any conclusions.  

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Nazar Kuzmyn

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