DeLabs’ Y00ts Undertakes Second Major Migration, Leaving Polygon

Y00ts is moving yet again. In a shocking turn, Y00ts will leave Polygon for Ethereum.

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  • DeLabs announced its y00ts NFT migration project.
  • The article explores the origin and motivations driving this decision.
  • The market responded positively to the announcement.

In a surprising turn that has captured the NFT community’s attention, DeLabs has revealed a strategic move involving the migration of its innovative NFT profile picture (PFP) project, y00ts. 

This migration has already taken y00ts from its original home on Solana to the Ethereum scaling network Polygon. Now y00ts is set to move to the Ethereum mainnet.

The Migration Project and Motivations Behind It

The move to Ethereum was announced on August 9th on X (formerly Twitter) just ahead of the anticipated unveiling of DeGods’ “Season 3” content, an esteemed PFP collection under DeLabs’ umbrella.

Earlier this year, DeGods, once the most valuable NFT project on Solana, migrated from Solana to Polygon. Seen as a significant contributor to the Polygon blockchain ecosystem, Polygon Labs helped facilitate DeLabs’ transition to Polygon by offering a $3 million fund. DeLabs also announced they would return the entire $3 million to Polygon Labs upon departing the Polygon ecosystem.

The primary objective of this strategic move is to consolidate y00ts within the same blockchain ecosystem as DeLabs’ distinguished DeGods collection. By doing so, they aim to access a larger and more established NFT market while nurturing collaborative creativity and aligning DeLabs with a prominent blockchain ecosystem.

DeLab’s Journey: Transitioning from Solana to Ethereum

While a specific migration timeline has not yet been disclosed, the announcement represents a significant step forward, given the initial excitement surrounding DeGods’ previous shift from Solana.

A tweet from y00ts explaining their return to Polygon.

This decision was driven by the fact that when DeGods attained the status of the most valuable NFT project on Solana, the broader market, including Solana’s native cryptocurrency SOL, experienced a substantial decline in value. Recognizing this shift, DeGods identified Ethereum as the optimal platform to realize its ambition of becoming the “number-one luxury NFT in the world.” This objective was reaffirmed by DeLabs founder Rohun “Frank” Vora.

On the Flipside

  • While the market initially embraced this development with optimism, questions linger about the sustainability of the floor price spike, raising concerns about market speculation and volatility.
  • The lack of a defined migration timeline adds a layer of uncertainty, underscoring the importance of clear communication and expectations management.

Why This Matters

Following the announcement of the y00ts migration, the floor price (representing the lowest-priced NFT within the project) on the OpenSea marketplace experienced a swift and significant surge. It began at 1.7 ETH (equivalent to approximately $3,150) and swiftly escalated to around 2.09 ETH ($3,880).

With DeGod’s distinguished standing among NFT projects and the progressive trajectory of DeLab’s migration journey, this move transcends a mere shift of chains. 

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