DailyCoin’s Crypto Memes of the Week #5

There’s a grain of truth to every joke, and crypto memes are a distilled form of the grain.

There’s a grain of truth to every joke, and crypto memes are a distilled form of the grain.

There are two types of people: believers in either bullish or bearish markets, and those who consider the market cycles through a prism of fractals. This means that every major bullish and bearish sentiment consists of smaller scale ones on any and all sides. 


Crypto memes go even deeper and provide a diverse spectrum of sentiments to all types:

Bull Market Sentiments

The bull market is like a sequel to your favourite horror movie: terrifying but full of anticipation. We are afraid to miss it, misidentify it, overestimate it, or simply get impatient waiting for it. Of course, everyone is rooting for their favourite coin. Nevertheless, Bitcoin remains the most-watched coin for sure. Each time Satoshi’s creation breaches a $10K barrier it’s a great cause to open champagne.

Bitcoin Maximalist Sentiments

Of course, the most devoted community is that of Bitcoin maxis. They will praise BTC at all costs, in every situation, whether it’s relevant or not. They do have a point though: indeed, Bitcoin is better than so-called “sh*tcoins.” Yes, Elon, even Dogecoin, though we grant you, it’s cute. 

Bitcoin Non-Maximalist Sentiments

On the other side of the fence, there are the Bitcoin-sceptics. Though the technology has become a pioneer in the cryptoverse, it does have flaws. One of those is transaction speed. On the one hand, it’s refreshing to at least have something slow-paced in today’s ultrasonic world. On the other hand, it’s a slow-paced currency in today’s ultrasonic world. 

“Normie” Sentiments

When you explain NFTs to those who are out of the loop, it’s hard to get around one statement: “how you can pay such money for a jpeg?” Of course, once you dig deeper into blockchain and regular art valuation, things become clearer, but, the majority of the population still tend to not accept it. At least, for now.

HODLer Sentiments

HODLing has become an entire profession already. Don’t believe us? Look, it requires heightened focus, emotional restraint, strategic planning, and so on. That’s why HODLing is always painful. So why are people still doing it then? Well, Crypto is for masochists!  

NFT HODLer Sentiments

Having NFTs is an even harder job. The more expensive the NFT you obtain, the harder it is to explain to your friends, relatives, or moms the exact reason why “wpixels cost so much.”  That’s why NFT HODLers tend to remain silent. We know it’s hard, but it’s worthwhile, isn’t it? 

Non-Hodler Sentiments

Honestly, it’s easy when someone chooses either to be a crypto enthusiast or a crypto hater, but what about those who are “undecided”? There are people who check each bull market, dreaming about their non-existent coins surging. We need to create a name for this disease. 

Crypto Regulation Sentiments  

As the icing on today’s crypto meme cake, have a funny picture on crypto regulations. This is the field on which the entire defi community is unanimous. It’s a matter of time until regulations start to work properly. For now though, it remains a guessing game: they do shoot themselves in the foot sometimes. 

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Nazar Kuzmyn

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