Crypto Enthusiasts Endorse BlockDAG as 2024’s Crypto Gem: Over 8800+ Miners Sold, Despite LDO Partnerships and Bullish ONDO Forecasts

Explore the impact of LDO partnerships, ONDO, and BlockDAG’s eco-friendly mining.

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The push for eco-friendly crypto mining reflects a broader commitment to environmental protection within the tech industry. BlockDAG has embraced this movement, producing energy-efficient mining units rapidly selling out. With over 8800+ units sold, the demand for BlockDAG’s eco-conscious X30 miners, designed to minimise environmental impact while maximising daily earnings, is clear. Meanwhile, Lido’s partnership with Mellow Finance and Symbiotic has driven its price surge, and ONDO’s bullish signal strong potential. As the spotlight shines on BlockDAG, it emerges as a promising crypto gem for 2024.

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Lido: Strategic Partnerships Boosting Prices

Lido has announced strategic partnerships with Mellow Finance and Symbiotic, aiming to enhance the utility and liquidity of staked ETH (stETH) through advanced DeFi vaults. This alliance, forming the Lido Alliance, seeks to provide stETH holders with robust security, increased rewards, and innovative staking opportunities. Lido’s collaboration with Mellow Finance focuses on providing advanced DeFi vaults, enabling stETH holders to restake their tokens, receive Mellow Vault LRTs, and earn additional staking rewards based on their Vault’s Curator Strategy.

Following the announcement, Lido DAO (LDO) saw its price jump by 11.61% to $2.03, while stETH experienced a 4.95% increase to $3,612.47. These partnerships underscore Lido’s mission to enter the Ethereum restaking space, offering a user-friendly and secure experience with comprehensive audits and continuous monitoring.

ONDO Indicates Strong Potential

Ondo (ONDO) has shown strong potential lately, with significant price increases over the past month. According to recent data, ONDO is priced at $0.93 and ranked No. 73 in the crypto ecosystem. The past month has seen a price increase of 11.39%, adding to its current value. 

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Crypto experts predict that ONDO will continue its upward trend, with price predictions indicating a potential increase to $1.17 by the end of 2024. The expected growth in ONDO’s value underscores its potential as a profitable investment, making it a candidate for crypto gems for the 2024 race.

BlockDAG’s Eco-conscious Mining: 8800+ Miners Sold

BlockDAG has taken a unique approach to crypto mining, focusing on eco-conscious methods that significantly reduce environmental impact. Unlike traditional mining processes that are resource-intensive, BlockDAG employs more energy-efficient techniques, resulting in quieter and more sustainable operations. This commitment to eco-friendly mining has resonated with the market, leading to over 8800 unit sales of BlockDAG miners.

The X30 miner, a standout in BlockDAG’s lineup, boasts a hash rate of 280 GH/s while consuming only 220 watts of power. This high hashing power per watt efficiency ensures that mining operations are powerful and sustainable. With the ability to mine Bitcoin and Kaspa, the X30 miner offers versatility and high earning potential. On average, an X30 miner can generate 600 BDAG coins daily, making it a lucrative option for new and experienced miners.

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Apart from miners, investors have an opportunity to participate in BlockDAG’s presale by purchasing its BDAG coins. These coins can earn returns post-launch as their value increases with each batch surge. BlockDAG’s presale has seen impressive progress, starting at $0.001 in Batch 1 and reaching $0.014 in Batch 19. This rapid increase in value highlights the strong demand and investor confidence in BlockDAG’s future. So far, the presale has garnered $57.4 million from over 12 billion BDAG coins, with an additional $3.6 million from miner sales.

Is It Time to Check out BlockDAG?

BlockDAG’s innovative approach to eco-conscious mining and impressive miner sales underscore its potential as a leading player in the crypto market. The strategic partnerships fueling Lido’s bullish trends in ONDO further highlight the dynamic opportunities within the crypto space. BlockDAG is capturing more attention as the emerging crypto gem for 2024, following a presale that is progressing.

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