BNB Chain Invites Game Devs to Showdown at Game Jam

BNB Chain Game Jam Showdown will host competitions across different platforms, mentorship workshops, and prizes for top submissions.

A game character with futuristic glowing pink helmet and suite in front of a controller and BNB chain logo.
  • BNB Chain has announced the launch of Game Jam, a Web3 gaming event, with an in-person event in London on January 24th. 
  • The event will invite game developers to showcase their skills in a four-week game-building challenge. 

BNB Chain hopes to provide a hub for Web3 game enthusiasts to network and connect. Game Jam will host exciting new gaming prospects for attendees to explore. There will also be an enticing developer contest to encourage new games in the ecosystem. 

Developer Showdown

Following the in-person networking event in London, BNB Chain revealed that it would kick off an online competition open to game developers worldwide. From February 1st until February 28th, BNB Chain Game Jam Showdown will host competitions across different platforms, mentorship workshops, and prizes for top submissions. 


Here are some details about the developer sweepstakes: 

  • Starting February 1st, teams of up to four developers can enter the four-week challenge on BNB Chain Game Jam’s page. 
  • The event is completely remote. Developers can participate from anywhere in the world. 
  • During the event, BNB Chain will host a series of workshops on game design, art design, and blockchain development. 
  • Once the event is complete, teams must upload their games for evaluation. 
  • Games submissions will be split into four categories: Mobile, PC, Web, and a separate category for on-chain integration.
  • Submissions will be evaluated based on how well the game is developed. 
  • BNB Chain has shared that its evaluation will be based on factors such as gameplay, graphics, user experience, accessibility, and BNB Chain integration. 
  • The judges will give the criteria equal weight, with each submission including a detailed explanation of how the team met each condition. 

The winning submissions from each category will move on to Most Valuable Builder 6 (MVB6), Binance Labs’ BNB-focused accelerator program. Additionally, the top three submissions from each category will be promoted on Twitter and receive a kick starter pack. Finally, winners from the on-chain category will gain priority consideration for a grant and BNB Chain support for their next game on BNB Chain.

BNB Chain has shared that it will announce winners on March 24th, 2023. The community-driven blockchain aims to surge development activity on its network with this event. It also intends to promote healthy competition for the ecosystem. 

On the Flipside

  • Gameta and Meta Apes were the only two GameFi projects out of the seven selected projects in the previous MVB season.

Why You Should Care

Web3 games are at the forefront of crypto development. While crypto markets were engulfed in chaos, Web3 games continued to build, expand their teams, and push new products. The BNB Game Jam will allow projects and developers to continue building and innovating while encouraging healthy competition and networking. 



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