BlockDAG’s Presale Skyrockets to $32.4M Following Endorsement by Crypto Rick, Surpassing Ethereum and Shiba Inu

BlockDAG’s Presale Skyrockets to $32.4M Following Endorsement by Crypto Rick, Surpassing Ethereum and Shiba Inu.

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BlockDAG has become a buzzword on various social media outlets after renowned YouTuber Crypto Rick endorsed the cryptocurrency. Rick lauded its innovative technology and scalability, also noting its perfect integration with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). His endorsement has significantly propelled the presale of BlockDAG, which has now reached its 15th batch.

Since the start, the price of the coin has increased by 800%, now valued at $0.009 at the time of writing. With nearly 9.7 billion coins sold, the presale has amassed over $32.4 million. Concurrently, Ethereum’s trading volume has spiked, underscoring its ongoing importance in the cryptocurrency scene. SHIB also has a promising forecast as long term holders are enjoying an uptrend in the meme coin’s price over the last month.

Ethereum’s Trading Volume Indicates Strong Market Presence

Recent data shows a spike in Ethereum’s trading volume, emphasizing the cryptocurrency market’s sustained appeal and activity. The volume indicates active engagement from traders and investors, showcasing the continuing belief in Ethereum’s value and utility.

This robust trading volume suggests ample liquidity and active market participation, facilitating quick and efficient trading opportunities. Ethereum’s enduring strong performance plays a crucial role in the vitality and dynamics of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, influencing its trajectory and market perceptions.

Optimistic Outlook for SHIB as Whale Profits Surface

According to insights from, the forecast for SHIB remains upbeat. A significant profit by a long-term investor after holding for 2.6 years underscores the positive market sentiment towards SHIB, suggesting potential for further price increases. This pattern of activity creates a favorable market environment, attracting investor attention and raising expectations for future gains.

Investors are keenly observing SHIB’s trends, assessing market sentiments and external factors that could influence its upcoming movements.

BlockDAG: A Revolutionary Leap in Blockchain with 800% Growth

Endorsed by influencer Crypto Rick, BlockDAG stands distinguished for transforming the blockchain landscape with its advanced technology and scalability. Its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) allows developers to seamlessly implement existing Ethereum-based smart contracts.

This interoperability provides access to a wealth of resources and established communities, significantly enhancing project development. Furthermore, BlockDAG’s approachable blockchain development tools allow individuals without coding skills to easily create everything from utility tokens to NFTs.

Crypto Rick’s endorsement underlines BlockDAG’s commitment to expanding its community. The company offers a 20% referral bonus, fostering widespread engagement and participation in the cryptocurrency sphere. With opportunities like a $2 million giveaway, BlockDAG is opening new avenues for passive income for its investors.

This endorsement has driven BlockDAG’s presale into its 14th batch, as the coin price reaches a price point of $0.009 at press time, a remarkable 800% growth from its initial batch. While Ethereum and SHIB continue to perform well, BlockDAG has emerged as an exciting crypto presale project. The presale has now raised over $32.4 million with 9.7 billion coins sold.

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