BlockDAG’s Updated Roadmap & Accelerated Mainnet Launch Propel Presale to $25.5M as Ethereum Addresses Rise

Explore BlockDAG’s updated roadmap and early mainnet launch. Delve into updates on Ethereum addresses and PEPE coin developments.

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The creation of Ethereum (ETH) addresses recently reached its peak in nearly two years. At the same time, PEPE coin price is experiencing some volatility. Meanwhile, BlockDAG’s (BDAG) updated roadmap, in which it announced a mainnet launch four months ahead of schedule, has ignited investor interest, bolstering its presale numbers. As of batch 11, BlockDAG has amassed $25.5 million from the sale of 8.9 billion coins and 5489 mining rigs. 

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Ethereum Addresses Surge Amid Positive Price Movements

The recent surge in Ethereum addresses, reaching new levels that were not seen since 2022, accompanied by positive price movements, pushed ETH back above $3,000. Sentiment data highlights the highest daily new address creation between May 4th and 5th in nearly two years, peaking at over 196,700 addresses. Despite subsequent declines, this influx signals potential anticipation of Ethereum’s price performance.

Daily active addresses have consistently exceeded 500,000 since March, with recent counts around 160,000, indicating sustained network activity. However, this surge has yet to significantly impact trading volumes, remaining below $10 billion until May 6th when it exceeded $12 billion, reaching approximately $13 billion at the latest data point.

PEPE: Volatility and Speculation

PEPE coin’s price is volatile. Despite the decline, speculative interest remains, evident in dramatic price movements. Market sentiment is cautious yet speculative.

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PEPE coin tests significant support levels, with the RSI nearing oversold territory. Recent whale activities, including transfers to Binance and net outflows from exchanges, add to market uncertainty. Despite bullish outlooks, PEPE coin saw a 4.60% drop, reflecting mixed sentiment.

BlockDAG’s Roadmap to Crypto Transformation

BlockDAG is poised to transform the cryptocurrency landscape by introducing new benchmarks. The project recently updated its roadmap, announcing a mainnet launch that is scheduled four months earlier than initially planned. The roadmap for BlockDAG’s launch is meticulously structured into several crucial phases.

The launch phase is dedicated to establishing the initial value of BDAG, deploying smart contracts, and kicking off targeted marketing efforts. During the Development Phase, the focus shifts to sustaining the momentum from the presale, forging strategic partnerships, and undertaking extensive market research.

The ‘Pre-Launch Phase’ emphasizes securing investments, refining the mainnet, and collecting valuable feedback. Finally, the ‘Final Phase’ involves wrapping up the presale, finalizing investment details, and making preparations for mining operations.


Each phase of BlockDAG’s roadmap is designed to strategically guide the project towards a robust and successful mainnet launch, setting a rapid pace for its introduction to the market. The expedited timeline, reflected in the roadmap’s structure, boosts investor confidence and presale metrics, anticipating a strong debut. As BlockDAG progresses through these meticulously planned phases, it aims to establish a solid foundation for long-term growth and technological innovation in the cryptocurrency sector.

The accelerated mainnet launch and the strategic roadmap update have raised expectations, with positive projections for BlockDAG. This optimism is mirrored in the presale performance, where BlockDAG raised $25.5 million by selling 8.9 billion coins, indicating robust market confidence and investor interest in the project’s future potential.


Amidst the surge in Ethereum addresses, uncertainty looms over PEPE. Meanwhile, BlockDAG’s innovative technology and accelerated mainnet launch, outlined in its updated roadmap, signal a transformation in the cryptocurrency realm. 

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