Bitcoin Surge ‘Not Guaranteed’ with BTC Spot ETF Approval

Amidst soaring anticipation, Bitcoin’s future takes a thrilling twist as BlackRock’s spot ETF listing ushers in a new era.

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  • Bitcoin has experienced its most significant surge in over a year.
  • Despite the prevailing optimism, a cautionary note has loomed over Bitcoin’s potential.
  • The confluence of factors has been shaping Bitcoin’s fate in a shifting economic landscape.

On October 24th, Bitcoin underwent an exceptional one-day surge, marking its most substantial upswing in over a year, with an astonishing 14% increase. This remarkable surge was instigated by the announcement of the listing of BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETFs, which go by the name IBTC, on the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) website.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval Could Skyrocket Bitcoin Price

This development was widely seen as a positive step forward in the ETF’s approval process. The surge on October 24 outstripped the rally observed on October 16, fueled by erroneous information implying the imminent approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs.


These dual market events offer a glimpse into how Bitcoin’s price might react once a spot Bitcoin ETF is given the green light, with the expectation of a move of similar or even greater magnitude.

Nevertheless, caution is in order, as approval will likely propel prices to new heights. However, a mid-term retracement could be in the cards due to an influx of eager investors to capitalize on the news. Nonetheless, the consensus among ETF analysts currently leans towards approval occurring in the early stages of the coming year.

Is the Bitcoin Surge Already Priced In?

Despite the prevailing optimism, investors should remain vigilant, as the surging demand for Bitcoin could be transitory. This could be attributed to elevated interest rates and the ongoing microeconomic circumstances.

In the current economic landscape, the likelihood of Bitcoin staging a comprehensive turnaround and entering a prolonged bull market appears to be diminishing. This is due to the impact of higher interest rates on the attractiveness of alternative investments and their potential influence on investor decisions. These factors could potentially offset the effects of an approved spot ETF.


Furthermore, the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF is eagerly anticipated, and it is possible that the market has already factored in its impact on prices before it becomes a reality. As of 2023, Bitcoin has demonstrated an impressive year-to-date increase of 108% in price, primarily driven by the expectations surrounding spot ETFs and the halving event.

On the Flipside

  • Bitcoin’s recent surge on October 24th might be a short-lived euphoria, indicating that market dynamics can be unpredictable.
  • The listing of BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETFs on the DTCC may not necessarily be a guarantee of approval, as regulatory hurdles and uncertainties still loom large.
  • While a spot Bitcoin ETF approval is eagerly awaited, the market might already have priced in this expectation, limiting the actual impact it will have on Bitcoin’s price in the future.

Why This Matters

The listing of BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETFs, marked by a remarkable one-day surge in Bitcoin’s price, is more than just a financial milestone. It signifies a crucial step towards mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, offering investors new opportunities and paving the way for increased acceptance of digital assets in traditional financial markets.

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