Bitcoin Short-Term Holders Cashing In, Will It Spark a Drop?

A surge in Bitcoin’s Short-Term Holder realized cap metric has analysts watching for a potential turning point in BTC’s price.

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  • Bitcoin analysts have become curious after a key metric tied to short-term holders has spiked dramatically.
  • This could have signaled a turning point for Bitcoin, but the exact direction remains foggy.
  • Long-term holders might have been taking profits, hinting at a potential market peak.

Cryptocurrency analysts are keeping a close eye on Bitcoin (BTC) after a significant surge in the Short-Term Holder (STH) realized cap metric. This metric, which measures the total value of all Bitcoins last moved on-chain at their transaction price, could indicate a potential turning point for the leading cryptocurrency.

Long-Term Holders Taking a Break?

A CryptoQuant Insights analyst, highlighted a dramatic spike in the STH realized market cap change, surpassing $10 billion. Historically, such sharp increases have often coincided with short-term holders taking profits and new buyers entering the market, potentially marking local tops. 

STH and LTH Net Position Realized Cap. Source: CryptoQuant Insights
STH and LTH Net Position Realized Cap. Source: CryptoQuant Insights

While not a guaranteed indicator of an immediate price dip, similar spikes since March 2023 have been followed by corrections within a few weeks. The analysis delves deeper, looking at the realized cap change for both long-term holders (LTH) and STH.


Notably, in March 2024, the LTH 7-day realized cap metric dipped below $6 billion. This trend has historically been associated with profit-taking by long-term holders and could signify local market peaks.

Bullish and Bearish Signs

Bitcoin’s price remains shy of its all-time high of $73,750 set in March, and the recent STH activity might hinder attempts to reach that level. However, there are countervailing factors. The mean dollar invested age (MDIA), which tracks the average age of tokens on the network weighted by their purchase price, has been on an upward trend since mid-March. 

MDIA and MVRV Ratio Chart. Source: Santiment
MDIA and MVRV Ratio Chart. Source: Santiment

While this is typically a bullish sign, a prolonged uptrend could indicate network stagnancy due to fewer transactions. Dormant tokens could also suggest a slowdown in new investor inflows.


The MVRV ratio, which compares market value to realized value, currently suggests holders are in healthy profit territory. However, analysts caution against overreacting to this metric as a sign of imminent large-scale selling.

The liquidation heatmap adds another layer of complexity. While there’s a relative lack of sell orders below current prices, the $73k-$75k region shows a concentration of short liquidations. This liquidity pool might be absorbed before a significant price drop.

Liquidation Heatmap. Source: Hyblock
Liquidation Heatmap. Source: Hyblock

With nearly two months elapsed since the latest Bitcoin halving, the overall trend remains unclear. Historically, the third quarter (Q3) has been a period of relative weakness for BTC. Investors should be prepared for a potentially extended period of market volatility as these conflicting forces play out.

On the Flipside

  • The increasing average age of tokens on the network could signal that long-term holders are accumulating and less likely to sell.
  • While holders are in profit territory, the MVRV ratio doesn’t necessarily indicate a mass sell-off is imminent.
  • The concentration of short liquidations around the all-time high could create a short squeeze if the price rallies through that resistance level, potentially leading to a price surge.

Why This Matters

The confluence of a surging Short-Term Holder realized cap metric and a dip in Long-Term Holder realized cap change suggests a potential turning point for Bitcoin. This could signal profit-taking by short-term holders and a buying opportunity but also raises concerns about reaching new highs due to potential network stagnancy and upcoming historical weakness in Q3.

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