Bitcoin Origins Marks Crypto Moments, Creates a New One

Anyone who’s been following the rise of the Bitcoin, the development of the blockchain, and the growth in NFTs has been watching history in the making. When the world is regularly exchanging currency across digital wallets and tracking goods with tokens, we’ll be able to say that we were there at the beginning. We saw it coming. And we can remember how it all started.

Or maybe we won’t be able to remember how it all started because you don’t always notice big moments as you’re experiencing them. Sometimes, you don’t know even know that they’re big until the moment has passed and you look back.

Bitcoin Origins is commemorating those moments. They might be moments you remember. They might be moments you’ve forgotten. They might be moments you missed but wished you hadn’t. And they might be moments you didn’t even notice but only with hindsight can you see that they were really significant.

In the first series, Bitcoin Origins is releasing artistic renditions of five historical moments, together with three special inserts, and a bunch of hidden secrets for true Bitcoin believers.

The first of those historical moments was the creation of the White Paper. Moment two was the Genesis Block. The cards for both those moments, numbering just a few thousand, sold out quickly. Prices in the secondary market have rocketed. Cards that sold initially for less than 1,500 WAX (a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin) are now changing hands for around 20,000 WAX.

The popularity of those cards is likely to be repeated as the third moment approaches. This marks not the famous pizza purchase or the collapse of Mount Gox but a moment that passed with less comment but was much more significant. The third moment of Bitcoin Origins is the first transaction, when Satoshi sent 10 BTC to Hal Finney. “This really laid the groundwork for everything that came thereafter,” says creator and CoinGenius CEO Jeremy Born. “It proved that it could work and that Bitcoin could actually be sent from one individual to another.”

Those first three moments are historic. And unless you were there right at the beginning, you probably missed them. But in releasing these moments, Jeremy himself is creating a new one. He compares the current state of NFTs to the Bitcoin in 2011.

“We’re so early that we have the unique opportunity to define the future of what the space becomes,” he says. As buying and storing NFTs becomes easier, as people are able to pick up and hold cards without having to think about the underlying technology, so NFTs will become mainstream.

That’s already happening. By enabling NBA fans to simply buy digital collectibles with their credit cards, Dapper Labs was able to bring people into the industry who might never have even heard about wallets and blockchains. It enabled them to make sales worth $10 million.

As Bitcoin Origins’ third moment prepares for launch, you might well look back and recognize that this too is a moment worth commemorating.

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