Binance Supports CRV with $5M Investment, Hints at DeFi Expansion

$5 million infusion from Binance Labs goes beyond mere financial support. It symbolizes a united drive to enhance Curve’s security.

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  • Binance Labs made a significant investment in CRV.
  • CRV aims for expansion in the DeFi landscape.
  • Binance’s investment sets the stage for CRV-BNB chain synergy.

Binance, a key player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, has made a significant strategic investment in CRV (Curve). Binance is demonstrating strong support for Curve through financial backing and strategic collaboration. 

Binance’s Latest Move in the DeFi Space

Binance has invested $5M in the CRV DAO token of CurveFinance, demonstrating unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration with the protocol.

Binance’s investment highlights Curve’s role as a leading stableswap platform and decentralized exchange, currently managing a substantial Total Value Locked (TVL) of approximately $2.4 billion, according to insights from DefiLlama.


Yi He, Co-Founder of Binance and Head of Binance Labs, acknowledges Curve’s role in DeFi, offers support post-hack, and signals future collaboration to boost ecosystem growth.

Yi He commented

"Given the recent events that have impacted the protocol, Binance Labs has offered our full support to Curve through our investment and strategic collaboration. We view this cooperation as a starting point…to further propel the growth of the DeFi ecosystem."

The Collaboration and Impact

Curve’s Founder, Michael Egorov, acknowledges BNB Chain’s solid presence within the DeFi sector, positioning it favorably to integrate Curve’s current and future products onto its platform. Egorov expresses anticipation for a collaborative approach that fosters innovation and facilitates growth across the DeFi ecosystem. 


In the wake of Binance’s investment announcement, the market responded positively. CRV experienced a 4.8% price increase, reaching 64 cents before stabilizing at 61 cents. 

On the Flipside

  • Recently, Binance also received two crypto licenses to operate in El Salvador in its active participation in global crypto operations. 
  • Curve Finance is still reeling from a $60 million exploit and has even moved to a free-for-all fund recovery effort.

Why This Matters 

Binance’s investment and support come at a critical time for Curve, helping it navigate the aftermath of the security breach and continue its pivotal role in shaping the DeFi landscape.

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