Basic Attention Token (BAT): Price, Updates, Recent Developments, Community, Future Events

Brave, an open-source, free privacy-oriented browser, entered the DeFi space by releasing ‘Brave Swap’ and using 0x API for price data feeds

Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Brave is an open-source, free privacy-oriented browser that makes platform ads optional.
  • Brave entered the DeFi space by releasing ‘Brave Swap’ and using 0x API for price data feeds
  • Brave launched the transparent and privacy-oriented search function Brave Search to compete with Google’s non-private search engine.
  • Greyscale added five tokens, including BAT, to their crypto trust.

User data is today’s digital gold on which tech empires such as Amazon, Facebook, or Google have been built. Unfortunately, centralized networks expose our behaviors, opening up a new market where big data is sold and used to increase enterprise profits further. Brave, an open-source blockchain browser, concentrates on decentralizing digital advertising by opposing centralized data collecting.

Recent Developments

Brave is developing its decentralized data storage network to include users outside their browser. The network developed a business model that compensates user participation and gives advertisers a more significant return on investment. In addition, Brave is confronting big tech hegemony such as Chrome by dismounting targeted profiled ads.

In 2019, Brave rolled out its ads platform, rewarding users for viewing the platform’s built-in ads. The 1.0 version rewards users with 70% for their attention while also allowing them to opt out. In addition, the browser has a limited cap of 5 ads per hour, with a possibility of viewing 10 ads per hour, as explained by 0x.


Moreover, Brave is vertically decentralizing more sectors of the digital sectors, including domains and browsers. The browser is Beta-testing Brave Search to guarantee private searching; it will be available for browser users first, but aims to make it browser agnostic. Moreover, Brave partnered with Unstoppable Domains to permit decentralized DNSs as NFTs on its browser, opening up a new gateway for the Web 3.0 revolution.

With 29 million users, the browser is no longer a decentralized-only service, as its value encompasses regular users. Brave is the first browser to be featured on the Epic Games store, increasing the exposure for gamers to a new blockchain experience.

Future Developments

Challenging big tech enterprises demands innovation to break the digital pattern and incentivize a shift in digital behavior. Brave is improving its private ads structure through the THEMIS protocol in an RFC&C event. To date, Brave received 10 improvement proposals and has entered a new development phase of “formalizing, developing, and productizing” the protocol.


Moreover, the growth of the DeFi and NFT sectors generated ripples in every subcategory of the blockchain industry. Brave Swap will integrate with Brave’s Wallet and include the 0xProject API to integrate more digital assets.

On The Flipside

  • Hackers are using Bravė.com with an accent over the “e” to infect computers with malware.
  • Brave’s business model has been criticized for not innovating the digital advertising space and only replacing targeted ads with generic ones.
  • The browser does not block first-party ads that are embedded on the platform.

BAT Price

BAT’s progressive user growth is reflected in its 2021 price. As privacy gained more attention during the 2021 bull run, BAT reached a new all-time high of $1.65. The May crypto correction saw BAT fall by 70% as it followed Bitcoin’s price action. However, following the July 20th low, BAT posted a 50% increase.

Brave Community

With the reward program implemented by Brave offering financial incentives for users, participants are flocking in to support the growth of its community. Brave opened the BAT Ambassadors program to help build BAT communities across the globe. To date, over 400 applications have been submitted.

Brave actively contributes to their community by adding value to their followers through targeted podcasts. The Brave Marketer Podcast has run for two seasons, discussing challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs and agencies regarding ethical and crypto advertising.

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