Azarus Joins Stream to Bring Quality Content to the Metaverse

Azarus and Stream team up to realize Animoca Brands’ metaverse live-streaming vision.

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  • Streaming overlay expert Azarus is partnering with Stream.
  • The two companies look to bring Animoca Brands’ metaverse vision to life. 
  • Azarus and Stream seek to redefine the live-streaming landscape. 

The metaverse may not be the hot topic it once was, but trailblazers like Animoca Brands ensure it continues to thrive and evolve. Its latest quest sees its subsidiaries, Azarus and Stream, teaming up to revolutionize the streaming experience within the metaverse

Azarus, renowned for its blockchain-powered playable streams, and Stream, a platform devoted to connecting creators and their communities, are working together to make streaming more interactive, rewarding, and seamlessly integrated with the open metaverse. 

Bringing a Rewarding Live Streaming Experience to the Metaverse

Azarus and Stream are focused on delivering rich, interactive experiences and elevating content engagement for live streaming in the metaverse. 


Their strategic partnership aims to expand Azarus’ role beyond just playable ads, transforming it into a vital component of a more connected streaming network by integrating its blockchain-powered interactive overlay into Stream’s open live-streaming network.

The integration is expected to propel Azarus’ use cases, onboarding hundreds of streams from Esports teams and creator communities and activating a wide network of audiences across streaming platforms. The enhanced overlay extension from this partnership will unlock innovative ways for streamers and viewers to be rewarded while engaging with and creating content, redefining the live streaming experience in the metaverse. 

Azarus: Realizing Animoca’s Metaverse Live Streaming Ambitions

Azarus is one of the most successful streaming solutions providers in the industry. Through its platform, it has successfully distributed over $2 million in rewards through its content engagement tools and collaborated with some of the biggest streams on Twitch, from game releases like Assassin’s Creed to Esports competitions like the Capcom Pro Tour and shows like the Streamer Awards, scaling up to 500,000 concurrent viewers. 


Animoca Brands acquired Azarus in 2023 to enhance its portfolio and vision of bringing live streaming to the metaverse. 

Sharing his excitement about the new partnership, Alex Casassovici, CEO & Founder of Azarus, said: 

“We’re excited to see Stream 100x the potential of what Azarus kickstarted. By fulfilling the vision of an open, permissionless, and distributed way to build interactive stream content, 

Stream will provide greater opportunities for creators to engage their audience and for viewers to hang out and interact with like-minded fans.” 

Animoca Brands’ Chief Business Officer echoed this excitement, highlighting that Azarus’ proven business model of playable ads perfectly aligns with their vision and could revolutionize audiences’ interactions with digital content.

On the Flipside

Why This Matters

Live streaming has become a cornerstone of the gaming community, transforming how players and audiences connect. Many gamers now prefer watching live streams over playing games themselves, drawn by the sense of community and shared excitement it fosters. Chatting with streamers, joining live events, and immersing themselves in live streaming is a compelling alternative to traditional entertainment and gaming. The partnership between Azarus and Stream promises to revolutionize this space, making live streaming even more rewarding and engaging than ever before.

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