Axie Infinity: Origin Sneak Peek Revealed at Tail Cards

Previously, we analysed the manifesto for Axie Infinity: Origin. The game can be considered to be both a grand update to the current version, as well as its sequel. The new version of Axie Infinity will bring a great deal of of enhancements in terms of gameplay, graphics, and the role that cards play in battles, to name a few.  

DailyCoin’s review of Axie Infinity: Origin

One of the major aspects of the new game that users are excited to try is its advanced card support mechanic which will play a powerful role in deciding the outcome of battles. A highly impactful change to the system is that players will now be able to use cards at anytime during battles. This will raise the competitiveness tension and give the strategy aspects of the game a more prominent role. A further quality of life change being made is that players will no longer be able to accumulate resources by skipping turns.  

In combination, this means that the gameplay will become less repetitive, and players will now need to keep their wits about them in battle, rather than idly playing Axie Infinity in the background.  

Recently, Sky Mavis also introduced more cards for every class of Axie, as well as their perks and abilities: 


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