Paul Fulbrook

Paul Fulbrook

Newsletter Specialist


Paul Fulbrook is an English cryptocurrency writer based in Brighton. He writes newsletters and industry features. He specializes in articles with an educational basis.


Before becoming a writer at DailyCoin, Paul wrote freelance while working as a science teacher for nine years. Prior to teaching, Paul was a marine biologist working on coral reef conservation in Indonesia. Paul’s teaching and science experience enables him to take complex topics found in crypto and present them in an easy-to-understand format. He values open communication and mutual respect.


Paul earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology in 2009 and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Science) in 2012, both at Portsmouth University. His scientific research background, coupled with his expertise as an educator, gives him the perfect blend of skills for researching and writing deep-dive articles.


Paul lives in Brighton, UK, with his cat. He spends his days researching and writing for DailyCoin, looking out over the ocean, and daydreaming about living on a yacht! Paul is an avid runner and has completed several marathons and ultra-marathons.