Aurory Introduces Grand Manifesto with Lore, Gameplay Mechanics, and an Economic Overview – Game Review

Aurory is a virtual pet jRPG on Solana blockchain, which took the best from the Pokémon series but benefited from the blockchain technology.

Aurory has been on the radar of DailyCoin for quite some time. It was one of the first games announced on the Solana blockchain and attracted our attention with its interesting graphic style. After that, we received a only drip feed of information and updates. Now, finally, the time has come, as the developers have published a sizeable whitepaper/manifesto with the world’s description, final design, gameplay mechanics, and a full economic overview including its marketplace and DeFi specifics.  

To briefly summarize the game’s premise, Aurory is a virtual pet jRPG based on the Solana blockchain. The game looks to be taking the best bits from the Pokémon series, and complementing them with the benefits of blockchain technology.


First of all, the developers have fleshed out the lore of game’s world. Aurory tells the story of two parallel universes: ‘Antik‘ and ‘Tokané‘. The first, Antik, is under the regime of the Barons who led it to the financial crisis, while the latter, Tokané, is a magical world filled with unique creatures called ‘Nefties‘.  


The story also features Satoshi who created the decentralized financial system opposing the traditional regime, Helios is the first Nefty ever created, and Sam, who is a simple worker, becomes the world’s hero.  

The antagonist NPCs will reportedly, and ironically, be called ‘Fuds‘, though the developers haven’t revealed their appearances just yet.  

Initially, gameplay will be divided into two modes: single player (Player-vs-Environment) and multiplayer (Player-vs-Player). In the single player section, players will be able to play as both Sam and Helios. Sam is strong and able to carry large weapons, while Helios can use magical powers, climb trees, and teleport. PvP will feature a number of championships in which you can try out your earned assets.  


The world will be diverse too! Some of the landmark varieties are villages, castles, forests, mountains, taverns, and special locations for important NPC quests. Every region will naturally be home to unique Nefties.  

Regarding quests, the game designers remarked: 

“JRPGs and Western-style RPGs have a lot to learn from each other in terms of quest structure. Aurory aims to offer the best of both worlds!”  


Although the creation of Nefties took a lot of inspiration from Pokémon, the developers of Aurory have managed to bring in some new elements to the concept of virtual pet creatures. First of all, monsters and their representative cards are NFTs, thus meaning that you truly own them. Nefties can be acquired during special events, from the marketplace, or from eggs obtained during fights.  

the characteristics of each Nefty will vary in terms of HP, movement points, initiative, attack, defence, ethereal attach, and ethereal defence. Some rare monsters will also have access to special quirk moves, such as glitching and shimmering.  


Before battle, players can choose their desired skills sets and ultimate move. Since Aurory is a turn-based RPG, the battleground will be divided into three zones. The battle starts with a preparation phase during which players draft their desired Nefties in a special sequence. Players can also have tacticians in the team who will determine the starting location and passive abilities.  

Over time, the battlefield will shrink in order to prevent players from playing keep away or hit and run forever, not unlike a modern battle royale.  

Economy Overview 

We’ve been already introduced with AURY token before and it will remain as the ecosystem’s main governing currency. However, there will also be 2 sub-currencies: ‘TOKE’ & ‘OKA’. Players using the free-to-play mode will be earning TOKE, while OKA is a sub-currency for financially invested players. To hatch Nefties, players will need to have eggs, earned from battles as previously mentioned, and AURY. It will be possible to convert both currencies into AURY, but the reward pools for each currency will be different. Furthermore, TOKE it will only be possible to earn in the single player PvE mode.  

Aside from gameplay, several decentralized finance components will be available to players; a.k.a. other ways to earn AURY, such as through staking, NFT staking, or the liquidity pool. Distribution of the tokens will be as follows:  


Aurory seems like a very promising project. It has took everything that fans of Pokémon and Axie Infinity love, and improved it. Of course, the game is still in its alpha stage, so it’s important at this point not to jump to conclusions, and to take everything with a grain of salt.  

On the other hand, Aurory is under the tender care of 45 professionals, many of whom come from Ubisoft, EA, Gameloft, Bioware, and Warner Bros. Therefore, the bar of expectations is set adequately high.  

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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