Anoma Foundation’s Namada Launches Airdrop For Early Contributors

The airdrop aims to thank and acknowledge the contributors to Namada’s privacy network with 6.5% of the total supply set aside for the airdrop. 

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Anoma Foundation’s Namada, a protocol offering asset-agnostic, multichain privacy solutions, unveiled its Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RPGF) airdrop program this Wednesday. The airdrop allows eligible participants to share 65 million $NAM or 6.5% of the total supply. The $NAM token is the native token of the Namada network, which allows users to stake and earn rewards, vote and participate in decentralized governance, and pay fees across the platform.

Nameda RPGF drop.

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The accounts eligible for the NAM RPGF will have until 28 December 2024 to submit their Genesis Namada account on and claim their allocation.

The RPGF airdrop will distribute these tokens to open-source contributors that helped grow Namada’s privacy, zero-knowledge technology, interchains and more. As stated on the release schedule, the platform will reward researchers and developers, public contributors to Zcash and Rust, Gitcoin donors, and contributors to ZKP, Privacy and Interchain tech ecosystems.


Christopher Goes, co-founder of Namada, praised the contributors on Namada for helping enhance the concept of public goods, stating the latest airdrop aims to “materially compensate” them for their efforts. 

“Namada depends upon many public goods which have come before, and this RPGF drop is part of our attempt to give some ownership back to the creators and supporters of those goods and do our part in realising such a world,” Goes added.

According to the team’s statement, the 65 M $NAM tokens will be distributed across 7,094 researchers and developers, ​​191,715 on-chain accounts and Bad Kids NFT holders, and 2510 contributors in the Trusted Setup. The eligible accounts for the RPGF Drop include Zcash R&D & Rust developer ecosystem; researchers on ZKPs, cryptography public goods funding (CPGF), privacy and learning; researchers and developers on interchain public goods, shielded ecosystem, and public goods funding mechanisms; the shielded community on Namada; Gitcoin donors of ZK Tech and Crypto Advocacy; and Namada trusted setup participants. 

Development contributors require at least two commits before November 30th, 2023 to specified GitHub repositories to be eligible for the drop. Users with more than 20 commits on the GitHub repositories will be eligible to receive a larger share of the airdrop. Additionally, researchers and learners who posted at least 1 post on the forum will be eligible for the airdrop. Depending on the category, active contributors (with 10-20 commits) will be eligible for more $NAM tokens.


Other allocations will be made to researchers and developers who contributed to other alternative public goods funding mechanisms, including quadratic funding and voting. To be eligible these contributors must have at least two commits with those with at least 10 commits sharing a bigger chunk of the airdrop.  

Gitcoin donors to the ZK Tech and crypto advocacy group, as well as the participants in the Namada Trusted Setup held last year will also be eligible for the airdrop. Moreover, the shielded community (stakers of $ATOM and $OSMO) who had staked at least $100 by November 1 and BadKid NFT holders with at least one NFT by November 14 will also receive a share of the RPGF Drop. 

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