Yuga Labs’ Otherside Prepares for 2023, Hints at New and Exciting Features

The metaverse has announced developments in playable avatars, environment customization, and the release of the ‘Second Trip.’

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  • Otherside has revealed a set of updates for its community that it will work on heading into the next year. 
  • The metaverse has announced developments in playable avatars, environment customization, and the upcoming release of the highly anticipated ‘Second Trip.’ 

Yuga Labs’ team had a major makeover with the inclusion of its new Chief Gaming Officer, Spencer Tucker, and new Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Alegre. The veteran executives reportedly have a lot of experience in leading the traditional gaming sphere and are working on providing new opportunities for players in Otherside.

See You on the Otherside

Otherside is undeniably one of the most ambitious prospects in the metaverse industry. The community-driven metaverse aims to bring users’ NFTs to life as playable avatars so they can connect with other users and indulge in an immersive experience. 

The metaverse has shared important developments on its playable avatar feature. Otherside shared that it’s more than “just adding legs” and is a complex technical hurdle. The metaverse platform is laying the foundation for a tool that accounts for avatars of all shapes, sizes, faces, heights, accessories, and motion specifications. 


Otherside has partnered with Improbable to make progress on its avatar feature of the Otherside Development kit (ODK), which will be a suite of tools to enable creators to build and customize their avatars.

The metaverse project added that it’s closely working with Improbable and its users to make environment customization as seamless as possible and in the same vein as popular sandbox modes like 7 Days to Die and Fallout 4. 

Otherside shared sneak peeks of the upcoming environments in its blog post. The snippets feature detailed, sharp, and smooth world-building action with an avatar. The graphics and style resemble elements found in games like Fortnite. 


The metaverse platform assured the snippets are a work-in-progress and are just a small part of what’s to come. Otherside’s suite of tools will allow tech-savvy users to leverage Unreal Engine’s capabilities with the ODK. Moreover, Otherside has also revealed the inclusion of ‘templates’ that will serve as the baseline experience, ranging across different game types. Players will be able to build bespoke experiences, including mini-games, social experiences, and more, early next year. 

Finally, Otherside ended its update by scheduling the launch of its coveted ‘Second Trip’ in late March of 2023. The metaverse promised new environments, new mechanics, and a larger user base than the ‘First Trip.’ 

The ‘Second Trip’ will be a landmark event for Otherside and plans to be more gamified and energetic than the first. However, Otherside clarified that customizable avatars may not be ready for the ‘Second Trip.’ Although, the metaverse platform hinted at a solution for NFT owners. 

On the Flipside

  • Yuga Labs generated more than $561 million from Otherside’s ‘Otherdeed‘ NFT sale this year. Due to gas fees being paid in ETH, the frenzy saw Ethereum network fees spike to unprecedented highs.

Why You Should Care

Otherside could elevate Yuga Labs’ ecosystem with its metaverse. Yuga Labs has established itself as the leader of avatar NFTs. Yuga Labs’ BAYC, MAYC, and other NFT collections have seen mainstream adoption from high-profile celebrities like Eminem, Justin Beiber, and more. The chance of seeing prolific NFT collections like the BAYC lineup come to life in the metaverse could be game-changing. 


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