Will GTA 6 Allow Players to Collect, Trade, and Sell NFTs?

Rumors have resurfaced about Rockstar Games integrating blockchain technology in its upcoming title, GTA6.

Trevor, Michael, and Franklin from GTAV using a smartphone looking at GTA6 NFTs.
  • Rumors have resurfaced about Rockstar Games integrating NFTs in its upcoming title, GTA6. 
  • The speculations are questionable, considering Rockstar Games’ ban on cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. 

Rockstar Games is developing Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6), arguably one of the most anticipated titles in video game history. After years of speculation, leaks, and rumors, there is finally some evidence that the long-awaited game is due for release soon. 

The game’s predecessor, GTA V, is historically one of the most successful games in the industry, despite being a decade old, selling over 175 million units worldwide. However, players are looking for something new. 


With GTA 6 around the corner, the game studio’s future depends on the upcoming release as rumors continue to stack. Interestingly, one specific rumor divides fans – Rockstar is considering joining the metaverse hype. 

While the accuracy of the rumors has yet to be determined, the new speculations have certainly brought Rockstar’s ban on NFTs into question. 

Rumors, Rumors, and More Rumors

A Seeking Alpha Content contributor reinitiated rumors of Rockstar introducing NFTs to GTA 6 on February 12th, 2023. The author speculated that GTA 6 offers a perfect opportunity for the game studio to seize on the metaverse hype. 


The publisher added to the rumors of Rockstar adopting Web3 components in the upcoming release. Seeking Alpha’s article reignited the NFT discussion in the community since Rockstar issued a policy banning crypto assets last year. 

While many from Crypto Twitter adore introducing Web3 to GTA 6, the notion could be hard to sell to gamers. Some users pointed out that rumors of GTA 6 having NFTs could be fake in-game cryptocurrency trading similar to the stock market trading in GTA 5. 

Given that Rockstar Games has banned cryptocurrency and NFTs in its previous flagship, GTA V, the idea of NFTs in the game could seem far-fetched. 

However, there might be a sliver of hope in the rumors since Rockstar’s policy only bans “user-generated NFTs and crypto assets in online GTA 5 servers.” The gaming studio’s policy does not mention any bans for officially licensed NFTs. 

An Ideal Metaverse

Rockstar is at the forefront of open-world gaming and continues to set itself apart from the competition with a decade-old game. One can argue that Rockstar has already accomplished what most metaverse companies wish to achieve. 

Blockbuster titles offer players numerous opportunities to engage in various activities through role-play. Moreover, given the game’s hype, everyone expects GTA 6 to break records like its predecessor.

Adding NFTs to the mix could potentially skyrocket the adoption of Web3. However, the gaming studio has not shared an official statement regarding the rumors. 

Interestingly, its executives have previously shared an affinity for NFTs and Web3, which could have fueled speculations. 

NFTs or no NFTs, the game adding Web3 components will undoubtedly be a massive step for both Web3 and Web2. However, until GTA 6 releases or there is an official statement from the game studio, speculations will remain speculations. 

On the Flipside

  • A hacker leaked gameplay videos of the GTA 6 beta version last year by exploiting a Rockstar employee. 
  • Competitor Activision Blizzard has also shown interest in the metaverse. 

Why You Should Care

GTA 5 is undoubtedly one of the most-played games in the world. The game has managed to stay relevant for decades. Interestingly, GTA 6 could showcase similar success to its predecessor as fans look for something new. 

If the long-anticipated game incorporates Web3, it will be monumental for the space. Rockstar could also benefit from being both innovators and first-movers in the space, helping them beat their competitors. 

While the court is set for Web3, it’s Rockstar Games’ decision if they decide to play. 

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