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Today in the weekly gaming digest: 

  • Valve hesitant to return P2E games to Steam, while GameStop looks for specialists for its NFT marketplace.
  • Halloween NFT drops from blockchain games: Blankos Block Party, My Neighbor Alice, Decentraland, The Sandbox, X World Games, Enjin, REVV.
  • GAMEE launches blockchain gaming platform for iOS and Android, with mini-games.
  • Thetan Arena open beta was released on PC.

Valve Hesitant to Return P2E Games to Steam, while GameStop Looks for Specialists for its NFT Marketplace

The Steam vs blockchain games battle continues. The digital game marketplace has already received tons of petitions, open letters, and resentment. The most active player in the blockchain gaming industry working to protect the interests of crypto projects seems to be Enjin. They cooperated with the Blockchain Game Alliance and 26 individual NFT projects in order to send a collective letter


Valve’s answer came rapidly:

In the meanwhile, there’s news from another gaming retailer, though this time a physical one. GameStop has posted a job listing for NFT platform specialists and software engineers. This is an interesting table-turning moment: the company whose main asset has always been physical retail is coming to terms with accepting NFTs and digital items more easily than the corporation that based their business on digital distribution. 


  • Steam definitely loses a great portion of the sweet gaming pie by banning projects on the blockchain. On the other hand, they are big enough to wait until crypto solves its internal problems before jumping in, rather than having to get involved too early. 

Halloween NFT Drops from Blockchain Games: Blankos Block Party, My Neighbor Alice, Decentraland, The Sandbox, X World Games, Enjin, REVV

Blankos Block Party has partnered with deadmau5 once again. This time, for a special edition of Lit deadmau5 Blanko and four new accessories. There will only be  2500 such digital items available. 


My Neighbour Alice has announced the “Fright Night at Alice’s Farm” Halloween NFT sale with 70,000 Spooky Pouches set to be issued on October 31st

The Sandbox will drop the Lady Pixy Halloween Collection on October 30th, with an exclusive collection of spooky avatars. 

Decentraland is holding the Grand Halloween Treasure Hunt in the local Genesis Plaza. Clues and daily quests are already scattered all around the place. 

X World Games is holding a Halloween Party with artwork contests and rewards in the form of crypto and NFTs. 

Enjin is celebrating the Haunt-O-Ween season with presents for some lucky users. All you need to do to get involved is scan the QR code on the official website. 

REVV is giving its users the opportunity to win 7 unique Aspire Monster cars. 


  • Halloween costumes are only used  for a handful of days in the entire year. It seems exclusive Halloween spooky avatars will have a similar fate. 

GAMEE Launches Blockchain Gaming Platform for iOS and Android, with Mini-Games

One of Animoca Brands’ branches, GAMEE, has reached a great milestone. Arc8 has reached its final release date. Arc8 is a mobile gaming platform for Android and iOS, the beta version of which attracted 1M users in September. The selection of games available with Arc8 includes variations of marble, card, and cube games. One of the most interesting mini-games mixes Tetris with Sudoku and the officially licensed ‘Asteroids’ from the Atari system. The platform allows users to earn its native token GMEE for playing these mini-games. 

Thetan Arena Open Beta has been Released on PC

The anticipated MOBA based on blockchain, Thetan Arena, has arrived on PC, having previously been available on iOS and Android. For now the game is in the open beta phase with the full release expected to be next month. The game is similar to League of Legends and DOTA 2, but with each playable character minted as an NFT. This means you truly own them, even if the game is offline, the characters are still yours. 

The game’s native token, THG, is based on the Binance Smart Chain. Although the game’s final release is set to happen this year, the developers have scheduled the implementation of guilds, quests, pets, tournaments, and co-op for the next year.


  • At the time of writing, the cheapest hero costs 0.375 WBNB, that’s approximately $190. Thetan Arena has already become a project with a high price to pay just to enter the game. 

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