The United Republic of DAO: Sapien Network Releases NFT Passports

Sapien Network, the potential founders of the world’s first digital nation, is launching NFT passports as the key for entering the community-driven social platform. The project is dedicated to empowering people and addressing scaling issues via the decentralized, sovereign, digital nation.

The Sapien Tribe, built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, aims to open doors for collaboration among communities and DAOs through digital assets.

The passport is a unique NFT that grants holders citizenship of the Sapien Tribe with the ability to do the following:

  • Identify oneself while maintaining privacy and sharing what’s intended;
  • Build a reputation and record contributions to tribes on a Social Ledger;
  • Access exclusive events and digital spaces in the Sapien Metaverse;
  • Create social currencies backed by a network of value-aligned Tribes

“The Sapien team is extremely humbled to see how excited the community is for the Sapien Network. Most social media platforms have been censoring posts, limiting privacy, and selling user data and we believe now is the time for a change. Sapien will use the blockchain to bring the power of social media back into the hands of the people. We understand that the true value creator within a social network is the user,” expressed Hash K, Sapien’s CMO.

The public sale of the NFT passports opens on March 23rd. For more information, click here.

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