The Numbers of Women in Crypto Increased

The cryptocurrency industry attracted over 40% more female users this year, says the latest survey by CoinMarketCap.

Women are interested in cryptocurrency and their numbers are rising. As recently announced CoinMarketCap, the biggest crypto data provider owned by Binance, there was strong growth in the segment of women crypto users this year. According to the statistics, over 43% more women showed their interest in crypto during the 2020 Q1 compared with the previous quarter.

The survey covering “Crypto Market & User Trends Q1 2020” stated, that the number of female users was constantly growing. However, the first quarter of the year showed solid results, especially in subcategories.

Women from Greece are most pro-crypto

Looking into the regions, the highest numbers of female crypto users come from Europe. Over 58% of European women turned to digital assets during the first three months of the year.

Both continents of North and South America are left in second place with almost 51% female users. Australian region follows closely with over 46%. Meanwhile, Asia has nearly twice fewer women in cryptocurrency than Europe, only over 31%.

Growth in female users by regions

Whereas Greece is the undisputed leader of all countries across different continents. The European country stands out with the highest growth of 163% during Q1, closely followed by Romania with its 145% increase. Both European countries are leading the chart, while all other countries and regions score under 100%. For comparison, Portugal has nearly 90%, Ukraine a bit over 86%, Czech republic – over 85%.

South American continent, however, shows huge potential. Argentinian women have nearly 99% more interest in cryptocurrencies compared to the last quarter. Colombia and Venezuela are on their heels with corresponding 82% and 80%.

Indonesia is only Southeast Asia and Oceania country in CoinMarketCap’s chart with a nearly 89% increase in a category of female crypto users.

Age is important

According to the study, the biggest (65%) increase in usage of digital assets was among the women, whose age is from 18 to 24 years.

Furthermore, the same age group is the most active among various users, not only females. Compared to the previous quarter, the 18-24 age group saw an increase of over 46%, says the report.

Additionally, the same age group is closely followed by another one – those, who are 65 years old and more. The number of them rose up to 41% since the first days of the year.

In this case, Oceania took the lead with a nearly 152% increase in new crypto users of 18-24 age. Africa was the second fastest growing continent with over 91% boost. And here Nigeria is sweeping the boards with its 210% result.

Growth in users aged 18-24

Asia shows poor results

Meanwhile, Asia is in the back of the chart once again. Approximately 33% of new younger age visitors showed their interest in cryptocurrencies during the first quarter.

As if that was not enough, the drop in the number of Asian crypto users might be related to the situation in China. According to the CoinMarketCap report, there was a drastic drop in CMC’s page views from China. Previously ranked 13 in terms of page views, China fell to 24, making it the only country within the top 25 that shifted down by more than 10 positions.

The fall might be mainly influenced by the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as by the use of China’s Great Firewall. The speculations were, that country’s online censorship system was reinforced to suppress online reports.

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