Starbucks to Launch NFT Collection for Coffee Lovers

Would you like an NFT with your Salted Caramel Mocha? That’s a question you might get used to in the future, as the biggest American coffeehouse company gets ready to enter Web 3.0 and is eager to offer their customers a “Third Place,” somewhere between home and work, where you feel like you belong while enjoying your favorite coffee.

A Mindset Rather than a Physical Place

The community-based “Third Place” will try to find ways to reconnect and build new communities. According to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, the post-pandemic phase that the world is currently living in is the perfect time to rebuild lost connections. However, there’s a clear shift in concept. Rather than just a physical place, the “Third Place” is a mindset, “a feeling of connection and belonging,” as explained by Brady Brewer, the Chief Marketing Officer for Starbucks.

The “Third Place” is entering Web 3.0 as an environmentally sustainable platform, but the company hasn’t disclosed which blockchain technology will be used. The NFTs will serve two purposes: one of them is unique collectibles. The other purpose of Starbucks NFTs is an access pass that will unlock exclusive benefits and special experiences for customers. The first Starbucks NFT collection is said to be coffee art themed with a story that a lot of coffee lovers should find exciting.

Starbucks Is Ready for a Tech-Savvy entrance into the NFT World

Despite lacking more in-depth details about the upcoming NFT collection, it seems like Starbucks has studied the blockchain technology and won’t make the same mistakes like companies who have been quick to jump on the NFT train but don’t have a long-term plan for NFT integration into their business models. Adam Brotman, the creator of Starbucks Order & Pay, is advising on the new project. 

Starbucks has already seen success in tech adoption, as the Starbucks Order & Pay app is the 2nd most popular payment app in the US, falling only behind Apple Pay. The Starbucks Digital Community Web3 is set to start by the end of this year.

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