“Shitpost-to-Earn”: Solana-Based NFT Project Rewards Sarcasm on Twitter

The most popular ‘shitposters’ on Twitter will get $DRAMA tokens.

Shitpost-to-earn Twitter

Outcast Academy, a Solana-based NFT project, has begun awarding its freshly issued $DRAMA tokens to the most popular “shitposters” on Twitter.

“Shitpost-to-Earn” Ecosystem

The project describes itself as an “entertainment NFT experiment.” With their newest NFT initiative, the team is addressing the widespread trolling practice on the social media platform.


“Shitposting” involves satirical, sarcastic, or just trolling posts on social media that intend to create a specific emotion. The project will reward such behavior with $DRAMA tokens.

The awards will be distributed according to community members’ decisions. The NFT project encourages users to tag the @DramaReward bot account to nominate their favorite tweets on Twitter. Nominees will be able to receive free airdropped $DRAMA tokens.

Newly launched tokens will be part of the project’s so-called “shitpost-to-earn” ecosystem. However, the specifics of the incentives, the number of nominations necessary, and other factors have yet to be determined.

On the Flipside

  • Trolling on social media has been a huge issue. Creating a reward system for trolling behavior can increase digital abuse. 
  • Web3 projects keep exploring the possibilities and original ways to create internal digital economies. However, the flourishing x-to-earn ecosystem requires very neat mechanics. So far, it is not clear how the project will function.

Why You Should Care

The NFT ecosystem is expanding and creating opportunities to profit amusingly through playing games, exercising, or in this case, interactions on social media.

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