REVV Racing Shifts NFTs to New Smart Contracts in Preparation for Fusion System

REVV Racing announced that it will be migrating current REVV Racing Car NFT smart contracts to a ERC-721 smart contract.

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REVV Motorsport’s flagship racing title, REVV Racing, has announced that it will be migrating all of its current REVV Racing Car NFT smart contracts to a new ERC-721 smart contract in preparation for the upcoming Fusion System. 

REVV Racing’s existing assets will be discontinued during the migration in favor of the new contract and assets. The motorsport game reassured users that the process should have minimal impact on player and owner experiences. REVV Racing has encouraged users to delist any assets listed on OpenSea to avoid problems. 

Generating Better Cars

The arcade motorsport game recently revealed its road map for 2023. The game plans to integrate exciting mechanics such as Fusion, Catalysts, and Shards. REVV Motorsports aims to redefine players’ gaming and earning experience heading into 2023. 


The upcoming Fusion system expects to be the primary mechanic to grant users access to higher Rarity REVV Racing Cars. The new system will generate completely new and powerful REVV Racing Car NFTs that will allow players with common rarity cars to get a chance to generate a better and faster car. Shards and Catalysts will enable the developer to integrate a new Play-to-Earn infrastructure in its game. 

In the upcoming migration exercise, REVV Racing will manage the deployment of Catalyst (CATA) and Shard (SHARD) tokens on Ethereum and Polygon to prepare for its Play-to-Earn 2.0 initiative. 

Here are all the details about the migration:

  • REVV Motorsport will deploy Catalyst and Shard Bridges on Ethereum and Polygon on December 16th. 
  • The Catalyst and Shard contracts game will deploy on the proposed networks by December 19th. 
  • In the second week of January 2023, snapshots of existing ERC-1155 will be taken. 
  • The new ERC-721 contract will deploy on Polygon. 
  • The game will set up the new collection after removing existing storefronts. 
  • And finally, all of REVV Racing game components will reflect the new update to detect the new smart contracts. 

REVV Racing has shared that the migrated NFTs will share the same metadata, token IDs, chassis number, and supply as the current NFTs. Additionally, the game affirmed that the NFTs would retain their functionality. However, a new smart contract that supports the upcoming Fusion system will govern the NFTs. 


The developers shared that they have a lot planned for next year. REVV Motorsports has teased details of what to expect in Q1 of 2023. 

On the Flipside

  • The developers shared that they considered an opt-in method of minting; however, this would have meant two NFT collections would have been active on storefronts, leading players to buy cars from the discontinued collection. 

Why You Should Care

Revv Motorsport envisions providing better play-to-earn (P2E) experiences through its ecosystem of motorsport games. The upcoming fusion system, and the new play-to-earn infrastructure powered by shard and catalyst, will transform the game to provide better utility to players and enthusiasts. The migration is an important step in Revv Motorsport’s roadmap, bringing it closer to its ultimate goal. 

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