Revain (REV): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community

Launched in 2018, Revain currently has two tokens, RVN and REV token, which facilitates the smooth running of the network.

  • Revain is a network designed to provide developers with accurate and credible reviews about their blockchain products.
  • Launched in 2018, Revain currently has two tokens, RVN and REV token, which facilitates the smooth running of the network. 
  • Revain operates a decentralized network with community members writing the credible reviews done by members of the community. 
  • Still searching for mass adoption, Revain currently trades at $0.026 with prospects of a price increase.

The utility of blockchain and DeFi keeps growing daily. Revain has made it possible for Ethereum blockchain projects to get accurate reviews about their networks which will help them improve their services. 

The importance of reviews cannot be overemphasized as they can make or mar a project. Revain allows users to post constructive criticisms and reviews of businesses in an incentivized network. 

Users are ranked based on points and are rated based on the accuracy of their reviews. Revain has pushed to increase its accuracy by allowing only original content of experts to be posted. Once a review is posted, not even Revain can change it, thereby giving users trust that they can bank on the accuracy of the reviews. 

Revain Price Update

Launched in 2018, Revain is a fairly popular platform but is currently pushing for mass adoption. The REV token, the more popular of the two tokens, is an Ethereum-based token utilizing ERC-20 standard, TRC20 and BEP20. The REV token is used for rewarding authors. 

On the other hand, the RVN token is a stablecoin that is exclusive to the platform – it is yet to be released into open circulation. The REV token has been up over 125% this past week following its ‘The Ton Crystal Wallet Review”. 

The one month price of Revain (REV). Source:

The blockchain-based review platform has been on a steady rise, having surged 16181% in one day. Revain has recorded a 263% gain and a 112% rise in 14 days in one month. About Revain’s sharp rise, Crypto Gulp wrote;

The REV token is currently traded at $0.02681993 and is ranked #63 with a market capitalization of $2,185,329,660. 

Recent Developments and Future Events

The event which has been on the lips of everyone in the Review Competition dubbed the Ton Crystal Wallet Review, ended on the 30th of August. These events sent the price of Revain through the roof, given the number of participants. 

The events attracted a wide audience from many social media outlets, including Twitter. The first 20 reviews received 1 RVN, while the first 250 reviews and tweets got $2 worth of Ton crystals. 

Other competitions being carried out by Revain are the Ton Bridge Competition and The Ton Swap Review Competition, among others. Although Revain paused part of its author’s review bonuses, Revain has promised to bring them back in a bigger and better form which may be up to three times more. 

On The Flipside

  • Revain is a new project which has not yet gotten the traction it needs, so its mass adoption could take a little while. 
  • The price boost of Revain could just be the current bullish state of altcoins.


Revain is a typical example of a blockchain project that needs its community to thrive. As the first blockchain review platform, Revain is a community based on giving incentives to the authors of reviews. Reviews are also being rated, with authors given a ranking. Revain has developed its frequent review competitions which are centred around the community. 

Authors on the site get experience points depending on the reviews they write. These experience points, XP, are key to the levelling up of a writer. 

More XP is given to authors who write reviews for companies with fewer than three previous reviews. RVN is given to authors who write reviews in sectors other than crypto and for competition winners. 

On Twitter, the Revain community couldn’t be much excited about the developments. Twitter user @dheeraj_mangi, in reply to CoinMarketCap, wrote,

About the future of the project, The Badass Times wrote;

Why You Should Care?

Revain is the first blockchain-based review platform and the importance of the REV token is enormous. Revain is slowly getting the much-needed attention to take it above $1 in the coming months. The sharp increase it recorded from its recent competitions is only a glimpse of what is to come before the end of the year. This is the best time to hold REV tokens. 

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