Upland Unveils ‘Share & Build’ Airdrop Series: Chapter 1 – Social Engagement Rewards

Upland launches ‘Share and Build’ airdrop series, inviting community and web3 enthusiasts to earn Sparklet tokens. Join the engagement!

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Mountain View, California, March 15th, 2024, Chainwire


The World’s Largest Mobile Web3 Metaverse Platform is Ramping Up ahead of its Upcoming Sparklet Token Event.


Upland, the world’s largest mobile Web3 Metaverse Platform, announces its “Share and Build” airdrop series, a unique opportunity for the Upland community and web3 enthusiasts to engage with the platform and earn Sparklet tokens. As Upland’s two-year-old, in-game utility token, it powers the platform’s open economy and is used by players to construct buildings or create no-code UGC (User Generated Content) items.  Ahead of the anticipated token bridging event, Upland is now unveiling Chapter 1 of its Airdrop series accessible at www.airdrop.upland.me. The first chapter of the “Share and Build” airdrop series  gives users the opportunity to earn Sparklet rewards both through an engaging social media experience and with in-app missions.


Upland has been a leader in attracting Web2 users to the Web3 space, offering a mobile-first experience with simple, email-based onboarding and fiat on and offramps. With nearly 300,000 virtual landowners and over 3 million accounts, Upland’s unique approach to Web3 gaming has garnered a substantial global user base. Its in-game utility token has seen widespread adoption with over 130,000 holders over the past 2 years. Following an overwhelming 87.25% community approval vote for its White Paper, Upland is working to bridge its token to be used outside of Upland.

The Airdrop Series “Share and Build” – Chapter 1: Social Engagement Rewards

In anticipation of the upcoming Sparklet event, Upland will introduce a social media experience for its community and Web3 enthusiasts. During Chapter 1, which lasts three weeks, participants can earn Sparklet by connecting their Twitter (X) accounts and conducting various social media activities.

Key Features

  • Participants earn points by engaging with Upland and Sparklet content on Twitter (X).
  • Points earned during the chapter will be converted to Sparklet in Upland.
  • There will be 10 different reward levels.
  • User engagement and social stats on Twitter determine a participant’s multiplier.
  • Users of Upland partners (to be announced) will receive a “points boost” to level up and earn more for their engagement.
  • Upon completing each forthcoming chapter, participants are rewarded with a distinct Block Explorer NFT, serving as a game piece within Upland. Accumulating five Chapter Block Explorers will grant them a special NFT exclusive to the Upland metaverse.

“We’re excited to launch the “Share and Build” Airdrop series as we are getting ready for the Sparklet event. This initiative aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering a thriving Web3 ecosystem and rewarding passionate players,” said Dirk Lueth, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Upland. “Chapter 1 of the Airdrop series presents a great way to engage, earn, and own a piece of the future in the metaverse. For new users, this is an opportunity to explore Upland and the extensive token utility already existing within our open economy.”

The start of Share and Build Chapter 1 will be announced on the Upland platform. Participants are encouraged to visit www.airdrop.upland.me and create an account to receive early notifications and updates about Upland and the Airdrop series.


Participants will also be able to earn the token through tailored missions within the Upland platform. New missions will be announced in-app, in two distinct categories: one set designed specifically for new Upland users and another for existing players. This distinction ensures that each group receives challenges that are suited to their experience level and expertise, providing a balanced and fair opportunity for all to participate and succeed. By completing these targeted missions and earning points, players can receive airdropped tokens and start their journey in the largest mobile Web3 metaverse platform.

About Upland

Upland, unveiled in 2020, is the leading mobile web3 metaverse platform with a mission to build the world’s largest digital open economy. Boasting strategic alliances with entities like FIFA, the NFLPA, and Unicef, Upland offers a diverse range of activities, from trading virtual properties to car racing and engaging in rich social experiences. Upland enforces stringent policies to comply with regulatory demands and hosts a third-party developer platform that integrates both Web2 and Web3 applications.



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