Top 3 Upcoming Blockchain Games to Watch in 2023: Plutonians, Elfin Kingdom, and SageVerse

Blockchain games will be a significant factor in the gaming business by 2023.

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Blockchain games will be a significant factor in the gaming business by 2023. With the introduction of decentralized platforms like Ethereum, Tron, and EOS, developers will have many options for designing unique gameplay for their games.
Gaming in a decentralized ecosystem will bring a new level of transparency and justice to the industry. It allows for better rewards systems that guarantee a return on investment, makes way for a gaming experience that’s uniquely Web3, and fosters great partnerships between developers and players.

Why are blockchain games so popular?

One of the most appealing aspects of play-to-earn games on the blockchain is that the players can earn beyond in-game currencies while playing the games they have come to love. P2E games enable players to earn crypto, which they can also use for purchasing digital assets within the game’s ecosystem. These digital assets can also be sold for real money on third-party marketplaces.


Renowned for being community-first, these blockchain-based games provide exclusive opportunities for their asset holders, including the privilege of getting to decide how the games can further progress.

Top 3 Upcoming Blockchain Games to Watch in 2023: Arenum, Time Raiders, and SageVerse

3. Plutonians

Save the solar system from alien pirates and rogue AIs. This Metaverse (VR + crypto) space strategy game merges strategic RPG, shooter action, and social alternative reality gaming, with space flights aided by their fuel tokens ($PU238).

2. Elfin Kingdom

This MMORPG has strong Pokémon-inspired elements where players can earn tokens through gameplay and farming. The project aims to bring decentralized technologies closer to people, allowing them to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology through the kind of gameplay that is well-loved on traditional platforms. 

1. SageVerse

This new free-to-play ‘MetaMMORPG,’ with its strong Asian fantasy and martial arts aesthetics, has won the attention of many traditional gamers looking into exploring Web3 gaming.


SageVerse uses the Polygon Network that takes advantage of the Ethereum Merge, which makes transactions stable and “gas” friendly. The game encourages traditional gamers to try Web3 because it has a clear ROI structure, community collaboration, and a mindset that puts gameplay first, which is different from most Metaverse-based Gamefi projects right now.

Players can buy, sell, trade, and earn in-game currencies, all of which will be dedicated to the P2E ecosystem, game development, and maintenance. They will be tiered and crafted for use at various stages of game development so that the players are guaranteed to have hours of extensive and fun gameplay. 

Gamers can now take advantage of an opportunity to invest on the ground floor of this amazing new Web3IP. Interested participants can join the SageVerse Discord Community to learn more. 

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