Top 15 Most Expensive Streets Have Owners Already, DecentWorld Creators Say

In the DecentWorld metaverse, one can become a certified owner of almost any street in the world

The possibilities of technology continue to surprise many. If previously the real estate market was all about the brick and mortar, nowadays – it is the metaverse landlordship that is drawing everyone’s eyes and wallets. New blockchain-based DecentWorld metaverse platform, an industry frontier, is a great example: their users are invited to discover the new era of real estate by acquiring and holding full, certified ownership of almost any street in the world. 
In the DecentWorld metaverse, one can become a certified owner of almost any street in the world, be it Wall Street, Rodeo Drive, Champs-Élysées or Abbey Road – the only question is, how quick you are to make a move.

The DecentWorld team shares that their users will soon also be invited to combine their Street NFTs into Collections and generate yield in various ways, as well as trade their Assets with others.

Digitizing the Real World

DecentWorld introduced a brand new solution that changes how users experience the metaverse. The project brings real-world value to the virtual reality space through an immersive, gamified user experience.


Built on a blockchain technology, DecentWorld connects collectors, traders, agents, companies, and  all those who intend to explore the full potential of acquiring unique, digitally enhanced, virtual Assets. 

Digital ownership is achieved using NFT technology and carefully designed certificates that prove the authenticity of any Street NFT. Currently, ssers are able to acquire Street NFTs, while Landmarks and Buildings will become available in later phases as well.

Virtual Streets are classified into 4 different levels depending on the status of their real-world location. The more prominent or prestigious the street is in the physical world, the higher its ranking, and thus the more valuable it is in the DecentWorld metaverse. 


“From the very start, the key idea was to make sure that we matched our metaverse environment to the real world as much as possible. Instead of designing a fantasy land as other creators do, we took a calculated decision to build a real-world-based metaverse. The natural starting point was the Map and the Streets. This environment is easy to understand because it is something that everyone knows already. 

We hope that this one to one approach will also allow us to smoothly integrate other businesses and their products into our metaverse which will ultimately help to create a diverse virtual market for our users”, the creators of DecentWorld explain.

Virtual property owners can combine their Assets into artsy soon-to-be-launched Collections to tell unique stories, as well as trade their digital Assets on DecentWorld’s P2P Marketplace with other users from around the globe. Once launched, the thoroughly combined Collections will become separate Assets itself and will help to generate yield whilst participating in the digital economy. 

The creators of DecentWorld believe that business has transcended the physical world, and real estate acquisitions can, and even should, be transferred into an immersive virtual world powered by the most advanced blockchain technology to date.

Swiss Quality

DecentWorld, owned by Swiss Asset Management AG, is part of a broader Swiss financial product ecosystem, offering world renowned Swiss quality and craftsmanship to shape innovation and the metaverse experience. 

Integrated KYC and user verification processes create a fraud-proof network on DecentWorld through which transactions can occur. 

“It is not enough to have, for example, simply two-factor authentication. We are using KYC techniques, provided by a seamlessly integrated GlobalPass tool, which offers identity verification services. In such a complex virtual environment it is crucial to always look for the next step, to strive for better. Same applies for safety. Our current setup allows our users to have their digital identity, something like a digital passport”, DecentWorld team says.

What is more, the reliability of the DecentWorld digital real estate platform is ensured through carefully structured and sustainable tokenomics.

One Metaverse for All

The project development team plans to open their APIs to allow other apps to join them in powering interoperability and growth. The ultimate goal for DecentWorld is to become industry’s leading metaverse project, an open metaverse platform that is sustainable and relevant to a broad base of users. 

“You cannot have multiple metaverses – by definition “meta” means “single”. We hope and we believe that this is the metaverse that we are building, and others will join. We are working hard to be able to open it for other third party developers, applications and businesses to integrate with us soon”, the DecentWorld team shares.

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