The Technologies That Bring Success: DecentWorld’s Example

The breakthrough of technologies in recent years has caused a multitude of virtual projects to spring up.

The breakthrough of technologies in recent years has caused a multitude of virtual projects to spring up. However, simply having access to certain tech solutions is not enough to make it to the top. DecentWorld, a Swiss-based metaverse platform, launched just in March 2022, has already been recognised as the upcoming industry star. Its team says that it is not about the tools you have, but how you combine them, and the value you bring to the table.
Generating more than $24 million in sales in just a few months, the digital real estate platform features a digital replica of the real world and unique-to-the-market features such as Collections. Many technologies have been adopted to build this solid platform, and according to the team they were combined in a meaningful and sensible way.

Blockchain and NFTs – the Doors to the Metaverse

Blockchain indeed is an integral part of the metaverse, enabling users to protect their digital assets in virtual reality. Without it, platforms would simply be another video game, where all acquired goods are only valuable within that limited frame. DecentWorld NFTs, however, come with trusted ownership certificates, and can be used interchangeably without losing their value, regardless of the platform.


“As an individual using a metaverse platform, you have to be guaranteed the ability to be completely independent and own your data. Even if the platform or network goes down, you should have the ability to keep all of your data. Blockchain and NFTs are the solutions that enable this,” the DecentWorld team underlines.

According to the creators, it is also essential to choose the right providers, as there are many available solutions for blockchain. For DecentWorld, which uses the EOS blockchain, the key priorities are efficiency, interoperability, and security.

An Immersive 3D Experience

The metaverse will change how we perceive reality and screen time, as it merges the interconnected experiences of the real and virtual worlds into one. DecentWorld believes that the future of the metaverse is an immersive, interactive, and real-time rendered 3D digital world. 

As of right now, the creators of the platform are working on the next release – the first 3D city Downtown Dubai, which will showcase the true capacity of the platform. Drawn and rendered by a team of professionals using the industry-leading Unreal Engine 5 technology, the 3D layer will unlock new opportunities for users, as well as businesses.


“Once enabled, it will allow us to build more extensive, in-depth features, such as building interiors, advanced user interactions and more. Users will be able to explore, acquire, sell or rent the virtual spaces. Businesses will also be able to do all that, as well as plug their products and services via several available advertising spaces,” the creators enthuse.

In the later stages, DecentWorld plans to introduce Buildings to their flagman feature, the Map. As per the initial plan, there will be ten if not hundreds of millions of buildings to choose from, because just like the Streets – buildings will be digital copies of their real-world counterparts.

Data Verification & Compliance Solutions

Another decisive element in determining a successful metaverse ecosystem is security. In the virtual world, data is the main asset, and as such, it must be verified, confirmed, and stored securely. DecentWorld says that choosing the right solutions was a crucial part of making the project work. 

“Identity verification, data protection, compliance – these are just a few of many areas we need to consider when talking about metaverse security. Industry-trusted solutions are needed firstly for the user data and Assets to be secure, for us to be able to control the environment, and for our partners to be able to verify and trust our services,” DecentWorld representatives explain.

The DecentWorld platform is working with industry-leading, third-party providers such as GlobalPass, which provided KYC and AML verification services, and swissmoney with its time-trusted banking and financing experts.

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