The Metaverse Is Being Built by a Community of Futurists, DecentWorld’s Creators Say

Tech behemoths like Meta, Apple, and Microsoft are focusing on the metaverse and, in spite of strong opposition, are making significant investments in this cutting-edge technology.


Tech behemoths like Meta, Apple, and Microsoft are focusing on the metaverse and, in spite of strong opposition, are making significant investments in this cutting-edge technology. As more companies and municipalities worldwide are seeing the potential that the metaverse poses, the industry is booming and providing users with new exciting experiences reaching way beyond real-life limitations.
DecentWorld, a Swiss-owned blockchain metaverse, has created its own version of the metaverse. With their 3D Downtown Dubai and a 1-to-1 realistic Map from which Streets can be minted as NFTs, the creators are inviting users to join early and secure the best seat to be at the frontier of the technological developments.

Niche Idea Brought Mainstream

Although the term “metaverse” was coined two decades ago, it was predominantly known in the gaming community. In the last two years, with the emergence of web3, the metaverse started to be picked up by the Big Tech companies, who have recognized the immense potential that this new technological development could have on our everyday lives.


“We are really pleased to see that it is not only the companies and individuals who invest into the metaverse but also governments from all over the world. Dubai, for example, is on a quest to become the web3 & metaverse capital of the world with hopes to add $4 billion to the economy and employ 40,000 people. Beijing is also not lagging behind; the government has recently announced a two-year metaverse innovation and development plan. 

This indicates that the interest in the web3 will be developing immensely in the next years,” Audrius, one of the project’s design team members, shares.

According to experts, the global metaverse market might reach $750 billion by 2030, which is why more and more companies are trying to hop on the train and take advantage of the opportunities posed by the new technology.

Making Room for Businesses and Advertisements

The art of building the metaverse is also to skillfully synchronize the value to the customer with benefits for various businesses. DecentWorld, in their recent 3D Downtown Dubai experience, has placed a few Billboards in the top user-visited locations. Any business that wishes to market their product or service in the new digital, can now do so. The users that join the virtual environment will be able to see the ads as in the real world whilst exploring the city and interacting with other explorers of the digital world.

Soon DecentWorld will also add Buildings available to be minted as NFTs. In the future, the owner of these NFTs will be able to lease his or her Building for events, exhibitions, product placements, or other activities.  

Choosing a User-Oriented Approach

As the virtual world is still being developed, companies must take into account what users are looking for in the 3D experience. DecentWorld has taken the bottom-up approach; instead of focusing solely on businesses’ goals, the team is actively seeking feedback from the users to develop and produce the best product available on the market.


“Our main goal is to create a platform that is rich in content and interesting for our users. This is why the insights we get from each user are so valuable to us. The metaverse should become a place full of interactivity, entertainment, and opportunities. This is our main long-term goal,”  Audrius shares.

About DecentWorld

DecentWorld is a Swiss metaverse digital real estate platform built on blockchain technology to introduce a next-generation web3 experience. The platform allows members to mint and trade digital Street NFTs, which can then be combined into Collections. Completed and staked Collections have additional value as they generate yield that is paid out to the owner. Using state-of-the-art security features, DecentWorld also stands for trust and transparency in the blockchain industry.

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