The Green Aspect of the Metaverse: We Are Making a Positive Impact, DecentWorld Says

Climate change has put sustainability at the forefront of people’s minds. Seems like there could be yet another positive aspect to metaverse living, that is – reducing emissions via access to virtual reality.

Climate change has put sustainability at the forefront of people’s minds. Seems like there could be yet another positive aspect to metaverse living, that is – reducing emissions via access to virtual reality. With the addition of a virtual reality experience, the creators of DecentWorld, a Swiss-based metaverse platform, seek to become a new medium through which users could explore the world. The immersive 3D experiences that the platform is ramping up to offer could possibly reduce the need for transportation & other resources that have a significant impact on the climate.
DecentWorld team suggests that one way for us all to go greener is to migrate to the digital realm, as operating in the metaverse would lower energy consumption, and therefore carbon emissions. The statistics are staggering. Transportation accounts for around one-fifth of all global carbon dioxide emissions; in some countries, this ratio goes even higher. Thus all the organizations have had to consider not just how to lead a business, but how to do it in a way that leaves the least impact on the environment.

Reduced Need for Traveling

The creators of DecentWorld have ambitious plans for the metaverse’s future developments, and believe that unlocking its full potential will play a  key role in reducing the need for travel.

One such game-changing update is the 3D environment—an immersive virtual layer set to be added to the entire platform built on Unreal Engine 5. The development team is already working diligently to release the first 3D city, Downtown Dubai, and believe it will open the door to next-level user journeys.


“Having a fully developed, real-time interoperable environment will completely change the way we reach places. Imagine that in order for you to visit Dubai, you wouldn’t even need to travel—instead, you could visit it virtually from your home, socialize, go to concerts, shop, and more. There are still a few steps that need to be polished before we fully enable the 3D environment, but we’re getting there,” the DecentWorld team shares.

Up until now, one of the main features exclusive to DecentWorld was its built-in Map, with 18.5 million Streets available to purchase as NFTs. Users are also offered the unique opportunity to generate yield via Collections – artsy sets of city-themed Assets. Those interested in more immediate results can take advantage of NFT trading to buy or sell their Streets to other users on the Secondary Marketplace. These features combined make a compelling case for why user’s would stay engaged long-term and choose virtual Assets, rather than the traditional brick-and-mortar alternative.

Businesses Migrating to the Virtual World

A survey recently carried out by Unsupervised highlighted that 61% of marketers want to advertise their brands in the metaverse. It comes as little surprise then that world-famous brands such as Nike or Starbucks are already leading the way. Some brands are even shedding their physical stores, fully migrating to the digital realm, reducing the need for rented locales, resources for commuting, electricity, and more, making an overall positive impact on their carbon footprints at the same time.


“The metaverse market is predicted to reach a value of $13 trillion by 2030. If that happens, forward-thinking companies will naturally enter the new economy, perhaps even in a fully virtual capacity. Less energy consumption, less commuting, less physical resources would lead to less damage to our climate,” DecentWorld’s creators emphasize.

With further developments, the DecentWorld team plans to open up its APIs to start integrating businesses and their products, thereby facilitating a fully functioning, digital economy. The goal of DecentWorld is to become a fully decentralized, interoperable, interchangeable, industry-leading metaverse.

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