The best BTC mining platform: ECOS vs ChickenFast

Do you want to make money on cloud mining, but do not understand which provider is the best? Are you afraid of scammers or hidden fees that appear when withdrawing funds?

Do you want to make money on cloud mining, but do not understand which provider is the best? Are you afraid of scammers or hidden fees that appear when withdrawing funds? We are here to tell you all about the companies that help you make money with cryptocurrencies. Today we will compare two top cloud mining providers ECOS and ChickenFast. Let’s find out who is the best of the best!

Basic information

ChickenFast was established in 2015 and is one of the oldest cloud mining providers on the market. This confirms its legality, because scammers usually do not work for 7 years. ChickenFast allows customers to mine bitcoin with their gamified platform.


ECOS started working two years later, in 2017, but has already entered the top of the market. This is the first 100% legal company in the world, because it is registered in the Free Economic Zone of Armenia in accordance with the legislation of the country. Clients bear virtually no political risk and are exempt from taxes, which is why the company has more than two hundred thousand users from all over the world.

Who pays more?

Profitability calculators are available on both sites, but what numbers are the platforms promising us? Let’s say you want to invest $1,000. It’s good to start! The ECOS calculator shows that with this amount and a $150,000 bitcoin price forecast, you will earn $6.05 per day and receive $2,208 per year. X2 per year is a high yield!

The ChickenFast Calculator does not allow us to set up anything other than the amount of the deposit. It is difficult to call it a full-fledged calculator. With a $1,000 deposit, ChickenFast is promising you $2,440. This is slightly more than ECOS, but ChickenFast does not show what these calculations are based on, so it is not clear how real they are.

Functionality and interface

ECOS has a simple, clear and strict interface. There is nothing superfluous here, only the necessary information – balance, income statistics, power and withdrawal of money. In addition, mobile applications for the AppStore and Google Play are available to users, which allows them to mine cryptocurrencies from their smartphone (technically impossible, but it also sounds simple). ECOS platform also provides a free mining contract or new users to test the platform.

The interface of ChickenFast is very colorful, but very complex. We couldn’t figure out if we logged in or not. The first page of the site and personal account are almost the same. A large number of animations are impressive on first viewing, but it’s hard to use every day. Yes, it looks like a game, but we use providers to make money, don’t we?


ECOS are registered in the Free Economic Zone of Armenia at Armenia, Hrazdan, Gortsaranayin str. 1 and there are documents on the Internet confirming the legality of this company. You can also find news from local publications that talk about the conclusion of a contract between the Hrazdan TPP and ECOS, photos of the data center and statements by the Armenian government to support this initiative.

ChickenFast is registered in Hong Kong at Unit 1017, 12/F, Wing On Plaza,

62 Mody Road. Unfortunately, there are no supporting documents in the public domain, so it is difficult to talk about the legality of this company and the safety of your funds.


Despite the same goal and similar functionality, these are two completely different products aimed at different audiences. ChickenFast is more like a hype project with a bright but low-functional design, while ECOS is more like a tool that allows you to earn money. Therefore, ECOS wins this comparison with its serious approach to work.

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