Syn City Raised Over $8 Million From Tech Giants & VCs

NFTs and gaming metaverse are thriving in today’s ecosystem as technology giants and venture capital firm dip their toes in with Syn City.

SYN CITY, a unique free-to-play (F2P) NFT metaverse game, has raised over $8 million from leading venture capital investment firms in the cryptocurrency sector. The funding round was led by Twitch, Goat Capital, A&T Capital along with Hack VC, Animoca Brands, Spartan Group, Project Galaxy, Huobi Ventures, and others.
Blockchain gaming platforms have bestowed gamers with hundreds of different interesting game concepts. SYN CITY operates on another very popular concept of Mafias. Because of this, the game is also regarded as the Crypto version of the video game Mafia Wars.

“When I was the General Manager of Asia at Zynga, we witnessed the global phenomenon of Mafia Wars that influenced the whole generation,”

says Robin Chan, General Partner of Goat Capital.


“I think the metaverse that SYN CITY is building is super exciting and it may lead the paradigm shift of the mafia metaverse.”

It is worth noting – Roy Liu, former head of business and marketing at TRON, is the co-founder of SYN CITY. The game is developed by tech enthusiasts who have previously worked with Disney, Ubisoft, Roblox, EA, Gameloft, Google, and Twitter. Following the success of the P2E model, the game’s developers brought in a Mafia metaverse that bridges the gap between real-world NFT utilities and DeFi functions. This state-of-the-art gaming engine makes the game free-to-play-to-earn and accessible to anyone.


MAFIA Dao (MaaD), the new kid of NFT verse

NFTs and gaming metaverse are progressing to gain significant traction since Facebook rebranded itself to Meta. SYN CITY may disrupt current popular games as it is accessible to anyone and is way cheaper than the existing games. The game has already introduced the revolutionary MAFIA-as-a-DAO (MaaD) which allows players to form their mafia or syndicate to play and earn.

According to Roy Liu,


“Mafia and underworld syndicates is one of the few evergreen genres among all the entertainment products worldwide. In the startup world, we also call ourselves whatever mafia or syndicate to show that we are a close group of advocates with strong consensus. After spending over ten years in gaming and over three years in crypto, it’s a no-brainer for me to combine the knowledge of the two and start my metaverse career building a mafia metaverse.”


SYN CITY riding the wave to disrupt existing expensive blockchain games

While blockchain-based games are ripening at a good pace, more enthusiasts and gamers are being enticed to the industry. But these metaverse projects are not easily accessible to all prying aspirants. Axie Infinity, the pioneer metaverse with the Play-to-Earn model, is deemed super expensive to start playing. A gamer will have to invest $1000 on Axie to host a game. There are various other blockchain games like MOBOX which are pay-to-play and play-to-earn (P2) thus becoming expensive for gamers. However, SYN CITY is free and accessible to anyone. And it becomes a threat to other blockchain games. It may either revolutionize or disrupt all these costly games and steer the industry with its Free-to-Play model.

“It’s not fair to ask people to pay $1000 hard-earned money before they can play or earn from the game. This is the crypto era, and we want everyone to have an equal right to be able to play and earn,”

says Roy Liu.

“If Call Of Duty can become F2P, why can’t crypto games.”

Roy Liu added.

The world has witnessed a bang of the Internet that potentially amplified lives. As the Internet steadily persisted to evolve, Web 3.0 has been introduced which brings decentralization and openness to centralized ecosystems.

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