Sparklo (SPRK) Sees Increased Appeal As Altcoins Like XRP (XRP) Dip In Value

With the fall in the value of XRP (XRP), new projects had space to shine.

There are over 23,000 cryptocurrencies for traders and investors to pick from. Knowing what to look out for can be difficult with such a varied selection. However, following the overall market trend can be beneficial. With the fall in the value of XRP (XRP), new projects had space to shine. One of the most notable upcoming projects is Sparklo, which investors believe can be 40x in value.

XRP (XRP) Enthusiasts Predict an Increase, but Its Value is Down

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) has been notable across the Web3 space. Its native cryptocurrency, XRP (XRP), has been utilized globally and has seen a lot of activity.


Ripple recently launched their Liquidity Hub and did not add support for the XRP (XRP) Cryptocurrency.

As for its recent performance, on April 20, 2023, XRP (XRP) traded at $0.493335. However, XRP (XRP) has been down 2.4% in the last seven days. In the last 14 days, its value has also been down by 2.6%, indicating that the coin is currently in decline. Dependent on the outcome, XRP (XRP) can either spike or dip in value. 

Sparklo (SPRK) To Make Investments In Precious Metals Simple and Affordable

Sparklo will be an investment platform enabling anyone on a global scale to begin making fractionalized investments in silver, gold, and platinum.


The platform will achieve this by utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). When someone invests, an NFT is minted, then fractionalized to represent their investment. If people buy an entire NFT, they can get the underlying physical gold bar, silver or platinum, delivered to them. 

Traditionally, there have been a lot of barriers involved with getting into the precious metals space, from transport to high costs to fees and other areas that feature bottlenecks. Sparklo will be developed to resolve many of them through the usage of blockchain technology.

Getting Into The Blockchain Space WIth Sparklo (SPRK)

The project has already been audited by the InterFi network, and the team is processing its KYC application. The liquidity will also see a 100-year lock upon launch. At its current level one presale price of $0.015, the SPRK token is appealing to investors and traders as analysts predict it can climb 40x by the end of December 2023.

Investors who want to diversify their holdings through getting into multiple asset classes can diversify with both SPRK as a token, as well as the gold, silver, or platinum that they will be able to get on the platform directly. This opens a lot more possibilities for investors and traders to get access to different types of asset classes.

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