SalvageData Launches Solutions to protect Cryptocurrency

One of the leading data recovery service providers, SalvageData brings you proven solutions to protect your cryptocurrencies.

One of the leading data recovery service providers, SalvageData brings you proven solutions to protect your cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are susceptible to getting hacked or stolen by hackers. That’s why your crypto wallet should be protected with strong passwords and multifactor authentication when required. 
Beyond that, crypto-traders should also have a plan B, where their data could get easily recovered if it gets lost, stolen, or hacked. SalvageData makes a professional data recovery service provider for such situations.


For more than 18 years now, SalvageData has been recovering data for several professional individuals, businesses, and government entities in need. They have a 96.7% success rate of salvaging data, so there wouldn’t be any situations for permanent data loss. 

How Does SalvageData Recover and Protect the Cryptocurrency?

SalvageData – professional data recovery 24/7 ensures that the crypto data stays secured and recovers if it gets exposed to any sort of hacking. The qualified professionals identify the data and start the 3-step recovery process with the below steps.


The experts start by accessing and evaluating the device at an ISO-certified laboratory. They make a thorough diagnosis of the issue and check if data recovery is possible. After that, they send a detailed quote related to the same.

Review and Recovery

Once the experts get approval from the client, the data recovery process starts. As their team has highly professional and qualified engineers for data recovery, the work is done swiftly. After investigation, the engineers send a list of recovered data for review. 

Receive Data

After reviewing and recovering the data, the professional engineers then return the drive with all the restored data through secure shipping. They do so after loading files on a new device or through digital means. To make things easier, they provide a Case Tracker or SalvageData’s data recovery app, where each step can be thoroughly tracked by the customers.

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Is SalvageData Best for Crypto and Data Recovery?

SalvageData is one of the most efficient data recovery service providers due to its industry-leading engineers and best-in-class services. The professional team has years of expertise in analysing the data and protecting cryptocurrencies from exploitation.


As they are certified data recovery service providers, customers can stay assured of security and privacy throughout the process. Also, the app has a feature where people can message the case representative and get quick responses to their questions. 

SalvafeData is already a trustworthy name for companies and organizations in every industry. They have successfully recovered crypto data for over 25,000 businesses, including SMEs, non-profit health organizations, and government agencies. 

Some other benefits of choosing SalvageData for data recovery are:

  • A faster and more secure download of recovered data
  • Lower cost of recovery
  • Highest successful recovery rates
  • Assures professional and personalized services to clients in the US
  • Constant improvement of local services, parts availability, data security, and updated industry certifications
  • Outstanding customer support for assistance
  • Certification that ensures commitment to privacy, security, and customer satisfaction. 

These were some of the ways by which SalvageData can protect cryptocurrencies. Their high-class services work as an effective strategy for people encountering cryptocurrency data breach issues. Click here to contact SalvageData.

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