Metaverse Will Create Millions Of Jobs That Don’t Yet Exist – The DecentWorld Team

Acting as a gateway to the future, DecentWorld enables its users to explore the metaverse through acquiring, staking and trading of virtual real estate Street NFTs.

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Building something as limitless as a metaverse has its own challengesone being the risk of quickly becoming a digital wasteland. With the breakthrough of blockchain technology, the creation of the metaverse has become the focus of the entire tech industry. How does one keep a metaverse from it becoming desolate? DecentWorld, a recently launched digital real estate metaverse, agreed to share their take on how to keep the metaverse entertaining. 
Acting as a gateway to the future, DecentWorld enables its users to explore the metaverse through acquiring, staking and trading of virtual real estate Street NFTs. 

Contrary to other players in the market, the DecentWorld team set out to create a metaverse based on the real world, constructed by highly-skilled industry engineers to ensure the highest quality in each process, easy business integration, and an entertaining user experience. 

Controlled Environment for Better Experience

According to the platform team, the secret behind a successful metaverse is first to create a controlled environment filled with top-quality content that brings value to its users; something that is easy to navigate and has a trust-worthy foundation for other businesses to build on.


“We created the DecentWorld metaverse based on a very well-calculated decision to have full control of it, at least in the beginning stages of the project. The DecentWorld platform is built by in-house developers, carefully crafting each step, also supporting our users every step of the way.
The opposite of such a controlled environment is a free space, where nothing is developed and the users themselves are enabled to build the platform. Whilst it has its own charm, it also greatly increases the risk of creating a digital wasteland - a space that is filled with everything, but at the same - nothing of value, this sort of digital wasteland”, the DecentWorld team explained.

DecentWorld holds the long-term plan of becoming a fully decentralized metaverse, with open APIs for other developers and businesses to join. However the team believes that before beginning third-party integrations, it is important to lay a strong, professionally-built foundation.

Real-Time & Interoperable Metaverse

DecentWorld team says that another essential aspect of the metaverse is interoperability. DecentWorld is built around advanced blockchain technology, which enables ownership in the digital space. NFTs and cryptocurrencies are the perfect tools to become the building blocks of the developing metaverse. 

"In addition to being interoperable and interchangeable, the metaverse should be a real-time one to one render. It should be a 3D virtual world, synchronous, and have continuity of data. Without these aspects, a platform is just another video game," the DecentWorld team emphasized.

Currently, DecentWorld users can purchase virtual versions of any street in the world as NFTs, thereby obtaining full, certified ownership of it. Purchase of Landmarks, Buildings and other objects will also become available in later stages enabling users to take and even bigger ownership of the metaverse environments.

Future Jobs For Millions

DecentWorld shares that what separates a successful metaverse from a digital wasteland is a functioning economy. An economy that empowers individuals and businesses to create, own, sell, and be rewarded for a wide range of tasks that produce tangible value to other metaverse users. 


The DecentWorld team believes that this will even create millions of jobs that don’t exist in the world right now, and will completely reimagine how resources are monetized. 

"Digital economies emerged driven by the idea of collecting digital assets to later resell them on various virtual markets. Therefore a well thought-out economy is a must for a metaverse to be trustworthy and long-lasting. Again, circling back to the idea of a controlled environment, we think that was the key decision that enabled us to push on,” the creators behind DecentWorld remarked.

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