Metaverse against Metaverse: What DecentWorld Offers That Others Don’t

DecentWorld offers a new take on the virtual experience and invites users to join a professionally built, controlled environment that is a one to one replica of the real world.

In the age of newly emerging metaverses, it becomes more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd; for a metaverse project to survive, one must bring undeniable value and something that others simply do not have. DecentWorld seems to have found the formula for success: by taking a new approach on the creation of metaverse, the Swiss-owned platform has generated $19 million in sales within the first two months since the launch.
Fictional realms & limitless possibilities, but at the same time, half-empty spaces & a sense of anarchy–this is what you usually find within new metaverse platforms. Whilst complete digital freedom has its own charm, the long-term value of such an approach can be questionable.

DecentWorld offers a new take on the virtual experience and invites users to join a professionally built, controlled environment that is a one to one replica of the real world.

Metaverse Built On The Real-World Basis

In the age of digital wastelands, DecentWorld’s key difference was their decision to build on an existing world basis–the concept of creating a metaverse that has a realistic nature sometimes is also referred to as “realverse”. Contrary to the popular approach, DecentWorld offered a digitized version of the globe with geo-based Assets, becoming a solid alternative for all the fictional metaverses out there.


“It’s the familiarity aspect that helps our users to understand and trust our platform quicker. Just like Monopoly is based on real streets, our metaverse is also built on existing real-world examples. The familiarity is the factor that brings more confidence when setting the value for areas or objects - the more prestige a street has in the real world, the more valuable it is in the metaverse,” the DecentWorld creators say.

Currently, DecentWorld metaverse features 18.5 million active Streets, covering areas all around the globe. The company reports having sold 2,300 Streets since its launch in March 2022, with the top 20 most real-world famous Streets already sold for six-figure amounts. 

For example, Champs-Élysées (Paris, France) , and Wall Street (NYC, United States) already have owners, who paid respectively $200,000, and a staggering $900,000 to purchase these Street NFTs. The total worth of the Street sales amounts for a whopping $19 million as of yet.

The aim of the project is to bring long-term value to the platform users and businesses by offering a professionally developed metaverse that has no less to offer than the real world. With the further development, DecentWorld is planning to open their APIs for other businesses and creators to join and to be able to plug in their products and services, creating an all-in-one realverse experience.

Controlled Environment for the Best User Experience

According to the DecentWorld team, another factor that brought success was the decision to create a controlled environment. Many metaverses in the market are built by their users; everyone is given access to add and develop the content; however, very little control is taken over the quality of the end product.


“DecentWorld is a metaverse carefully crafted and maintained by a team of in-house developers. We made this choice in order to have full control of the quality - the better the foundation of the project is, the more possibilities there are in the future. 
The opposite of such a controlled environment is a free space, where nothing is developed and the users themselves are enabled to build the platform. Whilst it has its own charm, it also greatly increases the risk of creating a digital wasteland - a space that is filled with everything, but at the same time - nothing of value at all,” the DecentWorld team explained.

DecentWorld has a long-term plan of becoming a fully decentralized metaverse, offering a real-time, simultaneous, interoperable, and interchangeable experience. The project’s roadmap is packed with new, upcoming releases scheduled for this year, including a P2P Marketplace, a DecentWorld mobile app, the first 3D city with entertaining quests for users to explore, and more.

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