Metamask Founding Architect Joel Dietz announces Layer 1 protocol for Metaverse interoperability

Founding Architect of Metamask Joel Dietz has returned from crypto retirement to build a layer 1 protocol for Metaverse interoperability.

Founding Architect of Metamask Joel Dietz has returned from crypto retirement to build a layer 1 protocol for Metaverse interoperability. His project, called the Metametaverse, is natively cross-chain and includes including a programming language for generating and managing metaverses, running games and simulations inside of them, and mapping parallel realities.   
Joel Dietz is well known in the early crypto industry for not only for designing and securing the early funding for Metamask, but also for establishing the academic field of cryptoeconomics, establishing the legal standards for utility tokens at Harvard and MIT, and for creating the first governance protocols in crypto, including a project called Swarm that became the first regulated DeFi project in Germany. 

Although Joel Dietz took a multi-year break from crypto, he decided to re-enter because “the Metaverse needs its own language.” Dietz aims to enhance Metaverse interoperability to map human experiences by a coordinate system, known as metametalang. According to Dietz, every type of human experience can be mapped on coordinates and then made accessible to others.  


That “language” can be used to generate and map metaverses and boasts crucial features such as dividing space into cubes. Users can place cubes inside of cubes and shrink themselves to experience it, leading to an Alice and Wonderland effect. 

The MetaMetaVerse project attracted $2 million in December 2021 through a seed funding round from various prominent investors. Participants include DAO Maker, Ghaf Capital, Decasonic, Metaverse Group, The LAO, Neon, Router Protocol, PARSIQ, IQ Protocol, Terrasurge Capital, Polygon Studios, Hilman Capital, 3Commas Capital, Carl the Moon, Electric Feel, DeBrididge, CV Labs, and Bobas Network. 

Chris Furlong of Neon noted that: “Neon is proud to support Meta Metaverse. This is one of the most innovative teams in the space, creating not only gorgeous worlds within worlds, but a new set of underlying protocols and piping that will be used in the open metaverse for years to come.”

MetaVerse As a Service

MetaMetaVerse also provides tools for people who want to build their own metaverse. Each individual or corporate can get their own metaverse. Each metaverse can be subdivided and sold. 


MetaMetaVerse positions itself as a marketplace for metaverses. That concept goes beyond selling metaverses to individuals and corporations. Owners of metaverses can sell items inside their custom-created world. Moreover, MetaMetaVerse sells specialty items, including MetaShips, to enhance the overall user experience.

MetaMetaVerse founder Joel Dietz adds: “Metaverse is ten times bigger than crypto. In 30 years every building in every city will be designed and sold in the Metaverse.  We are building the protocol that will allow the higher end assets and clear business use cases to be supported. We are happy so many notable investors, cross-chain bridges, and existing layer 2s are supporting this layer 1 protocol for metaverse interoperability”

On the traversing front, MetaMetaVerse will drop a free MetaShip to 1,000 lucky winners who complete a few steps across social media. The MetaShips are a vital way to travel around the MetaMetaverse. Every MetaShip has utility and can be upgraded for faster travel, better stats, functionality, and a different style. 

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