MERCO Bank Acquires More Crypto Holdings Ahead Of Bull Run

MERCO, one of the leading fund management banks in the global community that works on end-to-end digitized format is seen aggressively acquiring crypto-holdings.

MERCO, one of the leading fund management banks in the global community that works on end-to-end digitized format is seen aggressively acquiring crypto-holdings. With a prediction of an incoming bull run amidst current market conditions, big digital asset-based management banks like MERCO are making aggressive acquisitions of crypto-holdings and assets. The bank has a history of quick revenue growth, and is reportedly profitable. And the investment comes after the asset management category has performed well from a venture capital perspective.
The Reason Behind The Acquisitions:

MERCO is largely credited with kick-starting a new wave of institutional interest in Bitcoin. The bank is raising funds in order to procure and purchase an estimated 20,000 Bitcoin.


With asset value increasing by 20% within a small period of holding, there are a lot of purchases from crypto investors, gradually raising the demand over supply and setting up the current bull market. It might seem at first that MERCO is leading the bandwagon, but there are a lot of aspects of this acquisition move by MERCO that need to be analyzed. 

NFT, Metaverse, And Digital Assets:

MERCO bank is not just focused on one stream of crypto-holdings. In a recent press release by the CEO of the bank, Dr. Lefteris Max, he explained the bank’s detailed interest in making investments into creating infrastructure to support NFT holdings, Digital Spaces for interaction in the metaverse and digital asset insurance to back the complete infrastructure. He also mentioned that MERCO Bank would aggressively use all opportunities to ensure that they pioneer the growing demand for new technologies like Blockchain, and artificial intelligence in the market.

Shadow Project:


Financial services firms are facing an increase in economic, and technological improvements. Industry-leading organizations across the globe trust MERCO Bank’s fund management solutions to reduce costs, drive revenue, enrich the client experience, manage risk, and navigate profitability requirements.

The undergoing operational projects of the bank include working closely with a top non-governmental company to architect and release its very own advanced digital asset custody and access services. This advanced digital asset custody service will enable the customers of MERCO bank to store their digital assets with the bank like how they store it in a wallet and at the same time derive benefits out of it.

Trends And Forecasts:

MERCO bank is already known for its well-established account management and investment portfolio options. With the new integration of the bank with crypto-based services, it will help them deal with digital assets on the blockchain much more efficiently and If all goes according to plan, the bank will soon be able to compete with leading institutions in the digital asset finance category meeting unique business intelligence (BI) needs.

MERCO Bank’s current holding capacity is at over five hundred thousand investor/customer base and with the inclusion of new crypto-acquisitions and related services, the bank might be looking at a forecast two-fold the current customer acquisition rate. The bank started out as a digital asset management bank and slowly ventured into different domains expanding all the way to now building crypto-related digital services and raising over $650 million in securities in order to purchase an additional 19,646 Bitcoin

Investment-Risk Management:

MERCO also partnered with Fins-Insurance, Alvin Insurance, Ledger Vault and lots of leading insurance security providers in the Blockchain space for project security estimated worth over $1 Billion. With an aggressive penetration into the market and extensive purchases and infrastructures to support advancements. MERCO also is pioneering backup and safety systems. This partnership with Fins-Insurance  enables the customers to access a safety net for protecting their assets against volatility, cyber-crimes, and root hacks which are commonly seen in the space. This partnership also facilitates MERCO to have fundamental risk management in place for all the investments made on/by the bank giving the customers a sense of security with their digital asset investments. The insurance deal will cover two things;

  1. Protect the investment against third-party hackers or theft of their access key. 
  2. Protect the investment under the loss/damage of the private key. 

The charges incurred in setting up the security on investment feature are borne by the bank and not the client who makes the investment. 


MERCO bank is probably one of the rarest completely digitalized banks that assures full security to the client on the investments made. With a leading team of officials spearheading the build and strengthening of the complete architecture of the bank, MERCO is merging the gap between real-world and digital asset management. 

Apart from the extensive purchases in the cryptocurrency domain ahead of the bull run, MERCO bank is famously known for its extensive Long-term investment plans, an Open-research ecosystem that is transparent and real-time stake, and share trade options in a single account making them the complete package to manage all your assets in a single place, that too digitally. 

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