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KangaMoon (KANG) is an initiative introducing a new play-to-earn (P2E) model with the aim of reshaping the gaming sector. The game enables the players to win free tokens, rare in-game items, NFTs, etc. The assets are usually gained via several activities, for example, completing difficult quests, winning matches, and participating in special events. 

Spectators who do not wish to actively participate in the events can place bets on the outcomes of fights happening in the KangaMoon space. These in-game rewards have an important value since they can be traded in the real world outside KangaMoon. These tokens can be exchanged for any other item or cash through KangaMoon’s market. KangaMoon uses this P2E model to ensure a player-centric approach that empowers gamers to earn from their efforts.

 In terms of its economy, KangaMoon has a token, which is a utility and a governance token, called $KANG. $KANG is centrally located and is multipurpose. Primarily, it is utilized in facilitating the transaction process, including the in-game items or NFTs purchase. It can also be employed by players to improve their characters. This token also has governance rights, which allow KANG holders to be part of decision-making.


The Social-Fi model by KangaMoon as well is an interesting model that helps save the meme coin space value. The KANG token demand is influenced by player activities and the community engagement level, and an increase in demand impacts the value of the token. This is one of the core ways that the platform encourages active participation.

Regarding tokenomics, KangaMoon’s ERC20 coin, KANG, has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The whole supply is split into segments and serves various purposes in the KangaMoon system. To begin with, 60% of the tokens are reserved for the presale period. The presale period is an early bird opportunity for the meme coin space to purchase the KANG tokens before they get listed on exchanges. This presale enlists the support of the public for the DeFi project at an early stage.

Additionally, 15% of the remaining token supply is dedicated to the continual development of the KangaMoon project and in-game awards. Game-related rewards start when the gaming platform goes live. Continuous development may be manifested in numerous ways. Other add-ons are the introduction of new functionalities, improvement of token functionality, and ecosystem expansion.

Further, 10% of the tokens are allocated to the KANG token holders’ rewards. The purpose is to motivate them to continue participating in the DeFi project and to develop the attitude of long-term holding. It is important to note that KangaMoon disseminates these rewards in various forms, such as airdrops, hacks, and other rewarding programs.

Finally, 5% are managed by the team, 5% are for listing, and the remaining 5% are designated for marketing. The distribution of these tokens is one of the elements of a strategy of the KangaMoon ecosystem aimed at attracting people to its game platform as well as enhancing the usability of KANG, which is an ERC20 coin.

About KangaMoon

KangaMoon is creating an economy that will be operated by P2E mechanics and community participation. Competitions, special events, challenges, quests, and match betting are some of the mechanisms by which KangaMoon drives such engagements.

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