Interested in Diversifying Your Crypto Holdings In 2023? Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), and BudBlockz (BLUNT) are Altcoins to Look Into

Cryptocurrencies have helped many people improve their bank balances.

Cryptocurrencies have helped many people improve their bank balances. Smart investors recognized top crypto assets, bought them early, and traded them for a considerable profit.

Experts recommend diversifying the crypto portfolio to mitigate risks. Diversification of assets helps protect your initial investment and ensures you manage risks efficiently. You can find many expert suggestions on how to diversify your crypto portfolio. Buy Bitcoin Gold ($BTG), Ocean Protocol ($OCEAN), and BudBlockz ($BLUNT) to build a diversified crypto portfolio. 

BudBlockz: Unifying the Cannabis Industry and Benefiting Crypto Investors

The global cannabis market cap may go beyond $176.5 billion by 2030. It is growing exponentially and there is an opportunity to earn huge profits through this market. BudBlockz is the first decentralized e-commerce platform to facilitate cannabis trading. You can invest in cannabis dispensaries and farms through the BudBlockz platform.


BudBlockz is developing an innovative ecosystem to benefit individuals who wish to invest in cannabis. It will serve as a marketplace for buying and selling products. Users will also find products to make profitable investments and earn quick profits. It may become the most trusted place for top-quality source cannabis. 

Focused on capturing new markets as they open

A total of 30 countries have decriminalized cannabis. 18 states in the United States of America have legalized the consumption of recreational marijuana. More states are expected to follow. New markets will open soon, and a few large corporations may try to dominate those markets. 

BudBlockz is targeting customers from existing and new markets. It will provide a secure platform for top-quality source products from the best suppliers. The NFT Technology will help BudBlockz identify eligible users and partners in targeted regions. 


Only verified members can invest in farms and dispensaries planned by this platform. The BudBlockz platform has also launched an NFT collection known as Ganja Guruz NFTs and there are only 10,000 non-fungible tokens available. Demand for the Ganja Guruz NFTs may grow rapidly as they provide fractional ownership of cannabis-related businesses. 

What is the Ganja Guruz NFT Collection?

BudBlockz will use Ganja Guruz NFTs to grant membership. Users must buy and hold those non-fungible tokens to become verified members. These NFTs will be available on OpenSea for purchase. 

What is the Blunt Token?

BudBlockz has introduced the $BLUNT token to provide a virtual medium of exchange in its ecosystem. This token will provide the liquidity users need to access services. $BLUNT will also provide entry into the BudBlockz NFT marketplace. You can buy this token at extremely affordable rates in presale. 

Bitcoin Gold: Encouraging Common Users to Mine and Trade Cryptos

Bitcoin Gold aims to break the monopoly of a few big miners who use specialized equipment to acquire cryptos. This platform supports common users and allows them to mine and gain cryptocurrencies. It became popular as a user-friendly alternative to Bitcoin. The native network combines the security and strength of the Bitcoin Blockchain for new development and experimentation. The $BTG Token is a fast-growing cryptocurrency. Many investors select it over expensive crypto assets because it may become a top gainer soon.

Ocean Protocol: Providing ERC-20 Compatible Data tokens to Monetize Data

Ocean Protocol has developed a decentralized ecosystem to unlock the genuine value of user data. Common users and businesses can use this platform to monetize their information by using ERC-20-compatible Data tokens. Users can protect their privacy and maintain complete control over the data while monetizing it. It provides access to data sets, which were virtually impossible to access before. The Ocean Market is a marketplace to discover data sets and sell them for profit. The $OCEAN token serves as a native cryptocurrency. Users need it for utility, staking, and governance. As per reports, Ocean Protocol is investing 2 million $OCEAN coins in Shipyard projects.

Bitcoin Gold and Ocean Protocol are extremely popular crypto assets. Still, BudBlockz has generated a lot of attention among cryptocurrency enthusiasts due to its unique use cases and the ability to provide fractional ownership of cannabis farms and dispensaries. The $BLUNT cryptocurrency may soon soar in value once it gets listed on major exchanges. Start accumulating the $BLUNT token through the presale at attractive prices. 

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