Gaming Projects Gala Games And Enjin Coin Users Are Converting To Pomerdoge For Better Gameplay

Discover why gaming enthusiasts from Gala Games and Enjin Coin embrace Pomerdoge, a platform that offers improved gameplay experiences.

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The scene of blockchain gaming is changing. Investors and gamers alike are shifting their focus from Gala Games (GALA) and Enjin Coin (ENJ), as a new era gaming platform emerges, Pomerdoge (POMD). Gamers are bullish on Pomerdoge because of their improved user experiences and expanded opportunities.  

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Gala Games (GALA) Partners Up With Elixir

In a recent announcement, Gala Games has partnered with Elixir. This is a part of the company’s efforts to make popular top notch blockchain games. As a result, Gala Games’ well-known games will be available on the Elixir Games Launcher platform, improving the gaming scene.

As part of the collaboration, the Elixir Games Launcher will hold regular gaming events with special guests from Elixir Partners and access to exclusive prizes. 


Elixir Partners is a platform for content producers and streamers who want to showcase gameplay. Firstly, the games would be from the ones that are available on the Elixir Games Launcher. 

Secondly, the gaming nights will provide players the chance to interact with their favorite games in a fresh, competitive setting. Lastly , there will be socializing with other gamers and influential people from the industry.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) Develops Wallet 2.0 And NFT Marketplace

The Enjin Coin wallet application is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency and NFT mobile application that lets you store, send, and sell your NFTs in addition to utilizing the Enjin Coin wallet like any other cryptocurrency wallet application.

The internal build for the migration, staking, and early bird staking features has been made available. As a result, several features can be thoroughly tested to make sure they adhere to the necessary criteria. Afterward, they will be officially released to the Enjin Coin Community and Enjin Coin Wallet customers.


The upcoming Enjin Coin marketplace for all NFTs, offers all the fundamental features found in any NFT-related marketplace. Additionally, it has the potential to integrate with Enjin Coin blockchain in the future. Along with having amazing functions, it also boasts a simple and welcoming user interface.

Pomerdoge Brings Higher Returns Then Gala Games and Enjin Coin

While Enjin Coin and Gala Games are making efforts to retain users and improve gameplay, Pomerdoge’s potential is undeniable. Analysts have high hopes for the Pomerdoge ecosystem’s future. NFTs, marketplace – Pomerplace, and a fun play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform will all be part of this multidimensional ecosystem. 

In contrast to other gaming NFT projects, Pomerdoge provides users with $100,00 giveaways and prizes up to $50,000. As a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, Pomerdoge intends to take full advantage of the enormous potential of the blockchain gaming industry. 

Initially, holders of POMD tokens can utilize them to obtain rewards, incentives, and NFTs. Furthermore, based on their token holdings, presale customers will be eligible for a portion of the game’s earnings.  Lastly, they will have access to  7,777 NFTs. 

These unique advantages significantly increase the proposed value for early Pomerdoge investors. The token is only worth $0.007 at its first presale phase. Despite this, analysts have a positive perspective on the project and predict 4,000% gains for early investors returns even Gala Games and Enjin Coin holders haven’t gotten yet.

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