Dubai EXPO 2020: Coinswap Is Building New Travel Site and Optimistic About Binance Investment

Coinswap intends to start its own travel portal called Space, and it is currently in the works.

The Dubai EXPO officially began on October 1st, 2021, and attendees, particularly those from the crypto universe who are new to this type of global-scale experience, have been buzzing with excitement over the past few weeks.

Coinswap, an incentivized DeFi protocol based on the Binance Smart Chain, is a noteworthy attendee within the crypto space at the ongoing event. We were able to get some new intriguing updates about the project from Erik Nurm, the co-founder and CMO of Coinswap, in a short exclusive interview.

At the top of the list, Coinswap intends to start its own travel portal called Space, and it is currently in the works. Upon the completion of the new platform, Erik claims that there will be over 250,000 hotel and flight reservations that may be purchased with CSS, the platform’s native token.

In addition, subscribers will be offered a discount if they pay for any of the services on the Space platform using the CSS token. Regardless, services on the Space platform can be paid for using other major tokens in the market such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (EYH), Tron, Polkadot, and Chainlink, all of which are traded on the Binance smart chain.

Coinswap Hints at a Potential Binance Investment

Another highlight of the exclusive interview with Erik is with respect to potential investment from the host chain, Binance.

Binance is well-known for investing in promising initiatives, particularly those based on their smart chain system. Notably, the corporation has a $100 million acceleration fund set aside to fund cryptocurrency ventures with high potential.

Even more intriguing, Binance announced at the ongoing Dubai EXPO 2021 that it is broadening its reach with another $1 billion for the same purpose.

The Coinswap team, according to Erik, is intrigued about their recent meeting with the core development team at Binance, which turned out to be a promising one.

We are here at Dubai EXPO with a really high spirit because we just had a call with the core team of Binance Smart Chain who showed great delight in our project and are interested to be a part of the success story,” 

Erik explained.

Discussing what the future holds for them, Erik noted that Coinswap is on “the right chain, which is super cheap, or put in another context, highly cost-effective.” 

Most importantly, Erik is delighted that their projects have been able to scale smoothly from their inception. “We haven’t suffered any major error so far,” Erik told DailyCoin, adding that they are well-positioned as a safe project for investment.

Ultimately, Coinswap is looking forward to future collaborations with possible partners, as well as establishing a global presence at the ongoing Dubai EXPO 2021.

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